Choosing the Best Brandable Domain Name for Your Business

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When itís time to pick a domain name for your business, one thingís for sure – you will definitely put a considerable amount of thought into it, right?

And you should! Picking a domain name for your business is one of the most crucial decisions which will give your business its shape, and believe it or not, itís one of the key factors for your future success. Thatís the reason why youíll have to be as authentic as possible.

You can register your domain name through most hosting companies such as Domain Name Sanity. And if you have no idea how to start, weíre here to help.

Why Should You Choose a Brandable Domain Name Instead of a Generic One?

Itís way better to go for a brandable domain name than a generic one. The reasons why a brandable domain name should be your choice are the following:

  • A brandable domain name stands out from what your competitors would probably use.
  • A generic domain name may be full of keywords, but users will barely remember it.
  • If you choose a brandable domain name, it will stand for something.
  • Using variations of a keyword will make your business drown in the ocean of competitors, and itís highly unlikely that it will become easily recognizable.
  • Follow the example of the most renowned companies such as Nike, Google, Apple, which have chosen unique domain names that easily stand out.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Brandable Domain Name?

Brandable domain names, even though they all differ from one another, have several characteristics in common. Weíve made our research so we can help you out identify these characteristics, so now itís time to look at the results.

?     User-friendliness

First and foremost, the domain name you are about to choose for your business should be user-friendly. That means that the brandable domain name should be easy to pronounce, and you should avoid numbers, hyphens or double letters. Always go for a domain name which will make things easier to you.

?     Make It Memorable

Choose a domain name which will be easy to remember and easy to recall. This is important because we all know how frustrating it can be not to be able to recall a website you want to access, right? You donít want losing potential searches because of a problem as simple as this one.

?     Stick With Credibility

Your name should represent your brand and be relevant to your business and product. Also, it should sound trustworthy and professional. Having a credible domain name will leave a positive impression among your users.

?     Keep It Short

A good brandable domain name is concise and simple. There isnít anything which can confuse users more than a long domain name thatís difficult to memorize. Therefore, the shorter – the better. You should go for a domain name which consists of one or two words. Avoid anything longer – it simply isnít worth it.

?     Points for Uniqueness

Authenticity and uniqueness will help you stay different from your competition which is very important for your business, no matter its niche. You can do this by creating new words which donít necessarily have a meaning. Also, you can look up for some really interesting words which are not used that often. If you have no idea of what domain name to choose for your website, feel free to use a domain name generator. A tool like that can help you get unique domain names, or at least get your creative juices flowing.

?     Long-term Option

Choosing a good brandable domain name isnít going for something which is trendy or modern at the moment. On the contrary, you should look for a domain name beyond the ďcurrent fadsĒ. Think of it this way. Imagine you bought a domain name which was a cool option for 2015 and now in 2019 you want to sell your business and your domain name. Nobody is going to be interested to hear that the brand was established in 2015, theyíll want to go for something which will be a good long-term option.

If you need guidance when brainstorming ideas for your new, brandable domain name, nowadays, there are a variety of online tools (and a lot of them free) which can help you weed out the bad ideas from the truly unique brandable domain name options.

If youíre interested, you can start with tools such as Lean Domain Search, which can offer you suggestions, or something like Domain Name Stat, which gives you the opportunity to check all the details that a good brandable domain name should have according to the most recent statistics.

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Brandable Domain Name for Your Business

1.   Think Like a Customer

We know that choosing to look at your brand from a different perspective can be difficult, however, itís absolutely worth it. Look at your brand from a customerís perspective in order to see what they really need. What would a user search for when they have a need for a certain service or product from your industry? Try to take the place of your audience and think of it objectively, rather than sticking to your business-owner standpoint.

2.   Learn from Your Competition

In order to choose the best brandable domain name all you have to do is look at your competition. See what has already worked for the target audience you need and how the giants in the same industry have already done it. Another great thing you can learn from your competition are its flaws. Always try to think of how to provide what others lack.

For instance, if you have a business about healthy food and nutrition, there might be many domain names such as fitforlife.com; dietoflife.com; healthyfoodandnutriton.com; cleanfood.com; organicfoorforhealth.com, etc.

All of these may be similar, but if you try to think about which one of these would be the most appealing to your target audience and which has observed great results, you can start from there and improve upon other businessesí experience.

3.   Stick to the .com Domain Suffix

The rule to stick with a .com domain suffix when choosing a brandable domain name is very important. Even though nowadays there are many extensions which can be used as a domain suffix, such as .blog, .org, .uk, etc. going for the .com suffix should be your choice at all times.

 Most of the time, users will remember the domain name without the domain suffix and almost always automatically add the .com extension. This only adds proof that you need to think from your usersí perspective in order to make the right decision.

In the end, a brandable domain name is always going to be the better alternative between branded and generic. Just focus on these three keywords: user-friendly, unique, and memorable. Then all you have to do is think objectively, from a customerís perspective, check what your competitors are doing and just stick with the .com suffix.

Now that everything seems so easy theoretically, why donít you try these out in practice?

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