Why you should choose flying private over commercial

flying private

If you’re travelling for business or pleasure, and you think that paying thousands of pounds for a first-class or businesses-class ticket is the best way to travel then you may be mistaken.

Because of advances in smart technology, chartering a private jet is becoming more and more affordable and here are some of the reasons and benefits why you should consider it.

Faster and easier

No more standing around in queues, and waiting for you plane to take off. If you choose you go private you can fly when and where you want to in an instant.

Victor for Business puts your choice of industry-leading operators and business jets at your fingertips. With their expert Flight Planning Team on hand 24/7, they’ve got you covered all the way.

You can always stay connected and in control, with their mobile app, Victor offers a huge choice of business jets for every trip, big or small.

Victor allow you to compare, book and manage flights on your smartphone and online, with instant price estimates and in-app flight management. So you can look at all the options available and get the best price for you.

Empty leg seats

Another option which is making private jet charter more affordable is empty leg seats. Companies such as Victor, enable you to book empty leg seats which can cost up to 75% less than a standard seat.

Empty leg seats are sold when a private jet has been booked for a single flight. On its return to its destination, it has a lot of empty seats. Airlines are taking advantage of this, by offering these empty seats to passengers at much lower costs. After all, they’d much rather hire out the seats for a reduced rate than earn nothing by keeping them empty.

Commercial airline reputation

Another factor which why you should consider a private charter is that commercial airlines standards seem to be slipping.

Commercial flights are becoming much less reliable; especially over the past year with delayed and cancelled flights to contend with. This leads the way for private jet operators to enter the market and become the industry norm for those who can afford it.

So before you spend triple figures on an unreliable and sometimes uncomfortable commercial flight, take advantage of the future of air travel and look into chartering your own jet, and relax when you’re in the air completely in your own space.