CHIP Advent Calendar : 20,000 Steam Keys left

CHIP advent calendar to celebrate St. Nicholas Day is providing a total of 40,000 Random Steam Keys that you can redeem for a PC game. So that everyone has a fair chance, we have come up with something special.

It’s that time again, of St. Nicholas, CHIP advent calendar is giving away a total of 40,000 “Random Steam Keys” for sixth time in cooperation with MMOGA.

Experience has shown that the coveted keys are sold out in a short time, so you should access them quickly. Because with a little luck you can secure a top game this way.

In order to give every CHIP reader a fair chance at a key, today’s advent calendar door opens several times: The first half of the keys, i.e. a total of 20,000 pieces, were available from 10 a.m. today. If you didn’t have time in the morning, we give you another chance in the afternoon. Because from 4 p.m. we are giving away the remaining 20,000 Steam Keys.

The free download advent calendar from CHIP Online offers you every year from December 1st, 24 exclusive full software versions for free download.
Random Steam Keys: Secure 40,000 games for free at CHIP.

In recent years, the random steam keys in the CHIP advent calendar were sold out within a few hours. No wonder, after all, you can use your personal key to secure a randomly selected Steam game. From triple-A games to classic games to exciting indie games, everything can be included.

Those who can no longer wait for the give away have the opportunity to secure over 30 other games for free on Amazon Prime, including the popular shooter Battlefield 3. And at GOG there is currently The Witcher in the Enhanced Edition for free.

And so that nobody goes empty-handed today, we are giving away two additional issues of the popular CHIP knowledge booklet throughout the day. The magazine amazes young and old with exciting and easily understandable science articles. This is how you can easily pass the waiting time for your personal Steam Key.

Although the magazine is primarily aimed at young people, adults can also learn a lot from the articles in the magazine. The lovingly designed illustrations and graphics are particularly helpful here.