Want To Change Youtube URL? Here Are Some Tips For You!


In this article, we are sharing the steps and tips to change YouTube URL.

You may have chosen a URL when you first entered YouTube that is not precisely in line with what you transformed the company into today.

Previously, you might have started a new account with a URL that is more relevant to your brand, but that needs to go through the effort to start a whole new channel, mainly after you’ve bought several subscribers.

There’s now a more natural way to get a change YouTube URL without trying to reverse all the research you’ve done on YouTube to create your following. The company says it will send emails and alerts to eligible customers beginning this week, which will give them the chance to demand a new URL.

YouTube will recommend you choose some possible URLs depending on the definition of your page, the identity of Google, and the websites affiliated with your YouTube account. Once you select the new URL, you would immediately block your subscribers should they attempt to go to your account via the old URL.

It is highly recommended that you do so if you are willing to change the YouTube URL. I say, why not? It’s one simple way to build your brand and get more views on your YouTube channel. It’s also an excellent way to put the channel on the road of being checked on YouTube by 2020.

Unlike changing your Facebook username or changing your Twitter handle, you can change the YouTube URL only once. In technical terms. But there’s a workaround to change twice your YouTube custom URL, which I’m going to get into a little later.

Customizing your YouTube URL is excellent for your brand because it gives a secure link to remember to your followers. However, before you allow your URL to go crazy, YouTube wants to make sure you’ve got a mark.

YouTube most definitely has reached out somehow to let you know that you have the option of changing your URL. You may have received an email, or you’ll see a message in your advanced account settings or the Creator Studio app when you sign in to YouTube. Therefore, you will learn if you can create or change YouTube URL just the same way you would modify your YouTube username.

Once you have logged in using your email and password, you will be on your homepage on YouTube. Don’t let the videos that are required to appear to deter you from the task at hand!

You are now on the Advanced Settings page. Tap on the button next to You is qualified for a custom URL where it says channel settings. This connection will only appear if your account is valid! If you do not see the link, please see the eligibility requirements above.

I am not worthy, as you will see below. But this is where the You will seem to be qualified for a custom URL link if you are.

A Get custom URL box will appear after you click that link. You will see a few unique URL choices pre-approved by YouTube. That’s correct, power over your URL is tight. YouTube provides options based on your show name, the username of YouTube, or the name of the page you connected to.

You cannot change anything approved by YouTube, but if that URL is already taken, you can add a few letters or numbers to the end of the URL to make it unique.

Now that you have chosen for a URL, you should alter it legally. YouTube wants to make sure that this is the URL you like, so before making the change final, they’ll make you jump through several are-you-sure hoops.

To adhere to the Custom URL Terms of Use, you must first check the box. Tap then on the Switch URL.

Note, it cannot be changed at a later date until the latest URL has been authorized. So make sure this is your preferred YouTube URL until you press Confirm your preference.

You have a new URL here now! If you are navigating to the page of your channel, you will see the custom version gracing the top of the browser. This not only ties the brand together beautifully but also makes it easy for faithful and new fans to locate and recall your website.

How to change the YouTube URL twice?

A solution is possible that lets you modify your custom URL later on. Unfortunately, you can never go in and change the URL you initially chose for YouTube. You need to remove the previous custom URL absolutely and demand a completely new one.

So, if you’re grappling with trigger-finger remorse at what you’ve initially selected for your URL, don’t panic! Here’s how to turn it into something that works better for you.

1. Visit you’re about me page

Join YouTube (if you haven’t already) and go to your page About me. Select the account in the top right corner of your YouTube channel. Tap on All of your Company Accounts if your account does not seem to be in that chart

2. Remove previous custom URL

Under Sites, you can enter your latest Custom URL. Press the Pencil Edit button, which is next to the URL. Then press on the X button next to the URL you wish to delete. Click OK. The previous URL is no longer available.

3. Create a new YouTube URL

If you are eligible for a customized URL, you can claim a new one immediately after the old one has been deleted. But from the About me page, you can’t go through this process. You request a unique URL by following the same steps as above.

What things to be kept in mind when planning a new URL

You cannot pass or allocate a custom URL to anyone else on YouTube (even a deleted one).

If you send away your personalized URL to YouTube, you can expand on portions of it or use accent marks. It will automatically change to all lowercase when a viewer looks for it and transfer the viewer to your site.

 The youtube.com/c/custom URL and youtube.com/c/cústómurl connections, for example, would guide audiences to the same URL: youtube.com/c/customurl.

Now that you have a custom URL keep creating excellent content to help build brand awareness for your YouTube channel.