CBD Oil For Dogs: What Dosage Should You Give Them

CBD Oil For Dogs

Several people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) oil for the relief and treatment of a range of diseases. Use this naturally occurring compound for ailments, like chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and cancer. But, aside from being a practical, organic, and therapeutic solution to humans, this compound can also be useful in maintaining excellent dog health. Still, you need to administer the correct dose to avoid adverse effects.

Here are four ways to use the correct CBD oil dosage for dogs:

Understand The Factors That Influence Dosage

Think about the essential factors that influence proper CBD oil dosage for dogs. These elements include:

CBD oils for dogs tend to have the measurement in drops. For example, a particular CBD-infused product may contain 5 mg of CBD per drop. The exact amount of drops needed to form a correct dose can vary for each product. But, many pups can handle about two to four drops in two to four administration periods per day.

Hereís a quick chart that may help you discern the correct CBD dose for your pet pooch:

  • About 10 pounds: 1 to 5 mg
  • About 20 pounds: 2 to 10 mg
  • About 30 pounds: 3 to 15 mg
  • About 40 pounds: 4 to 20 mg
  • About 50 pounds: 5 to 25 mg

Proceed to increase the dose if your dog weighs over 50 pounds. But, if youíre unsure of the correct CBD dose, particularly if youíre administering a spray or tincture, seek the advice of a veterinarian first.

Calculate The Dose

Aside from making a rough estimation of the correct dosage, you can calculate the dose using math.

Start by measuring your pup’s weight in kilograms (kg). Multiply the amount in mg per serving by your dog’s weight in kg. For example, if your pet’s weight is 18 kg and the suggested dose, as stated in the product, is 0.2 mg per kg, the math formula should look like 18 x 0.2 to get an answer of 3.6 mg. At this point, you can round the number to 4 mg.

Next, use the concentration of the CBD oil to calculate for the amount of the organic compound you need to administer. For instance, a particular CBD oil has 0.5 mg per drop. If your dog is 18 kg and needs 4 mg of CBD, you need to administer eight drops of the product, which will be split into two to four administration periods.

Using An Online CBD Calculator

If you want to skip the manual calculations for the dosage, you can use an online CBD calculator. But, it doesnít mean that you donít have to do your part in measuring your petís correct statistics.

CBD dosage calculators for pets tend to require some necessary information about your furry four-legged friend. Some of the required data include the type of pet, your dog’s weight, and the dosage you wish to administer (from minimum to maximum).

If itís the first time youíre going to administer CBD oil for your dog, choose the lowest possible dose presented by the calculator. Observe how your dog’s body reacts to the substance, and increase or decrease it as needed.

Use Other CBD Oil Products

Many CBD oil-infused products for dogs tend to be in oils, tinctures, and sprays. But, you can reduce the struggle of calculating for the dose by letting your pet pooch consume other CBD products.

Some dog-friendly CBD products you can find on the market include CBD capsules, treats, and meals. Select the appropriate product based on your petís needs. For instance, a CBD tablet may contain 10 mg of the substance, so all you need to do is to make sure your dog eats the pill. This product removes the guesswork in trying to figure out the correct dose per administration.

CBD treats are also an excellent option for pooches that don’t seem to cooperate with you during administration procedures. Capsules look unappealing, and administering CBD oil under the tongue might make your canine companion fidget.  But, show a CBD treat to your pup and watch their tail wag in excitement.


Remember to understand the different factors affecting CBD oil dosage for dogs. You can use manual or online calculators to figure out the correct CBD dose. Otherwise, you can use a CBD-infused product to help remove the guesswork in calculating the proper dosage to administer to your pet. Make sure to consult the advice of a veterinarian first to reduce the risks of potential adverse effects.