Caps Lock Stuck : Fix Issue in Windows 10

Caps Lock stuck problem in Windows 10 is a common issue in Windows 10. Are you incapable of turning off the Caps Lock key on your computer because it is held and you are inspecting for a fix? If you are indeed facing this issue, then you have just got to the appropriate place.

Some Windows 10 users are also complaining about the same sort of difficulty on their computer. You can quickly fix this problem by switching the ‘Caps Lock‘ key to the ‘Shift‘ key.

Follow this solution on your computer, and the enigma will be solved in no time. But, before proceeding ahead, you should try out these workarounds to examine some situations originally


1. Press Shift key locates at the laptop’s right side, keeps it held, and just press the CAPS lock key. This also Engages Reverse Caps lock in your system and may fix the issue.

2. Detach the keyboard from your computer and reconnect it with your computer again. Now, check if the ‘Caps Lock’ key is working or not.

3. Try to plug in the keyboard with another laptop/pc and check if the issue with the ‘Caps Lock’ key is still there or not. If the problem continues to predominate, you should consider replacing your keyboard.

4. Reboot your computer. Check if it helps or not.

If any of these given workarounds didn’t do the deal, go for this solution-

Caps Lock Stuck

Solution : Change Advanced key settings on your computer

Changing advanced critical settings on your computer may resolve this difficulty on your computer.

  • Press Windows key+I to initiate the Settings window.
  • Now, tap on “Time & Language“.
  • In the Settings window, tap on “Language” on the left-hand side and the right-hand side, scroll down to click on “Choose an input method to always use as default“.
  • Now, scroll down and click on “Input language hotkeys” to open the Advanced key settings window.
  • In the Text Services and Input Language window, under ‘To turn off Caps Lock‘ settings, click on “Press the SHIFT key“.
  • Conclusively, click on “Apply” and “OK” to save the modifications on your computer.

Now, if ‘Caps Lock‘ is stuck on the computer, you will be empowered to turn it off by merely pressing by the ‘Shift‘ key from your keyboard. Caps Lock struck problem will definitely be solved.