Canvy contact manager app – practical, visually attractive and complex


Looking for an Android contact manager app? Canvy is the answer. This application brings all your contacts, each with their communication channels, into one place.

A visually attractive User Interface (UI) allows you to assign photos to your contacts, organize them and access the preferred channel when calling, texting or sending social media messages. You will be able to see all your contacts in a canvas of tiles once you launch Canvy – a feature that generated the name of our app.

Why you should use a contact manager app

Depending on how many contacts you have, in time you end up with quite a lot of communication applications on your smartphone. By joining various social media apps, you reach groups of friends or business peers. The network of your connections ends up reflected in a network of communication channels, all crammed up on your phone.

How do you know via which app to contact someone, when in a hurry? How do you organize your contacts to keep track of them? Perhaps someone dislikes being contacted via text messages, and you forgot this, in the rush of the moment. All these considerations take time and extra gestures on your phone screen – but why not simplify this modern life process? Contact manager apps are intended to help users precisely with these activities.

However, many such applications did not upgrade their features to include the latest popular communication channels. On the contrary, some may have rushed to include the latest channels, yet resulted in unnecessary agglomerating ephemeral channels, without taking care of the functionality. A solid, consistent application is what you need. One that takes care to integrate the most important networks, while paying attention to functionality.

Canvy – a complex application in a beautiful wrapping

Canvy was developed by a team of experiences IT professionals. Their goal – to give back control to smartphone users, in what communication is concerned.

The youthful, colored appearance is doubled by solid programming and by consistent background processes, which make sure you can reach your contacts and communicate with them safely.

All data you grant Canvy access to remains private and well-secured. We do not store user-originated information on our servers. Data is stored locally on your device. Our strategy puts users’ data privacy center stage, by keeping it on the user device.

Canvy brings user behavior into your communications

Canvy integrates user behavior in its contact management functionality by allowing three view modes, accessible via a simple swipe.

You can choose to arrange contacts in the Canvy main screen by Recently Used – that is the minimalist, chronological method. The people you have just interacted with in the last preset period of time will show up on top of your Canvy endless contact scroll.

Of course, you also have the Alphabetical filter – choose it if you need to go traditional, or you just like having your contacts neatly arranged by their first letter.

Alternatively, you can opt for Interaction Degree as the main filter, and the contacts you have maintained the most consistent communications with will be on top of your Canvy main screen.

Last, but not the least, because this is where user behavior comes in, you can choose the Adaptive view mode. Our application will mix the most recently accessed contacts with the ones you communicated more with.

Canvy abilities recap

Canvy’s main features are its productivity, visual attractiveness, fast search, improved interaction and enhanced privacy&security.

Just think of how our app can predict the preferred communication channel for every contact, get you to the account with just one –tap gestures, and integrate several communication channels: voice, SMS, IM (FB & WhatsApp), or email.

You can always quick launch Canvy via the floating icon, always on top, and enter its canvas of customizable tile-based contacts.

We also have surprising features that not all users find straight from the beginning – which is why we have Feature Discovery messages and a dedicated YouTube tutorial channel. In order to provide extra discoveries once inside the app, we thought of various types of users and we decided to let you explore Canvy at will. The benefits reveal themselves gradually to more experienced users – let us know in the comments what you discovered and what you like most.

With Canvy you can:
• Start a communication very fast, in one tap
• Benefit from a unique, user-friendly UI
• Keep updated with your friends communication channels
• Take control over your identity and privacy