Can We Sale Vape E-Liquid In The UK?

Vape E-Liquid

Do you want to sell vape liquid in a market? Yes, you are at the right place. This blog will give you all the details about e-juice and the regulations you must follow while selling vape juice. Vaping is the breath-in and breath-out of the vapours. It is the safest alternative to smoking. Devices used to vape are vapes or e-cigarettes. It comprises a battery, e-juice tank, and atomizer; all of them are attached for a specific function.

Vape Juice:

The liquid used inside an e-cigarette is termed an “e-liquid”. It contains nicotine, PG, VG, and eliquid flavours. All components are of varying concentrations. Asnicotine is addictive, its suitable concentration is crucial for ex-smokers. PG is a colourless, odourless element that absorbs nicotine and flavour and gives a satisfactory throat hit, which chain smokers require. Another is VG, which thickens e-juice and helps make denser vape clouds. Flavours make your vape juice delicious. There are many flavours, e.g., cola e liquid, candy, banana, tobacco, etc.

Vape juices are also available without nicotine in them. If you are a cloud-chaser and vape only to enjoy eliquid flavour, the best choice is “shortfills”.


It is a bottle of nicotine-free e-juice. Shortfill bottles typically have a capacity of five-sixth; they have some space to add nic-shot separately. For example, if you buy a bottle of 60ml, there is room for a 10ml nic-shot. Shortfills contain no nicotine, so selling them in 25ml, 50ml, 100ml, etc., quantity is legal.

Nic Shot:

It is a small-sized 10ml bottle that is TDP-Compliant, containing unflavoured nicotine vape liquid. They are made to be mixed with a bottle of nicotine-free e-juice: shortfills. This will allow you to customise your nicotine concentration; usually, nic shots contain 18mg nic salt in 10ml liquids.

Selling E-Liquid In The UK:

The regulations of the UK govern that if you are a manufacturer of e-juice, you must submit information about vape juice to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) before launching it to the market.

  • You must submit the notification to MHRA six months before the product is intended for sale in the market.
  • You can only sell vape liquid after MHRA has published the product in the list of approved products.

Regulations Governing E-Juice:

In the UK, rules for e-cigarettes and all their related and refill products are set by Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). It is a set of rules for selling and manufacturing vaping products. TPD dictates some regulations for the sale of e-juice, which are given below:

  • You cannot sell more than 10ml of nic-salt in the e-liquid.
  • Nicotine in e-juices should not be more than 20mg/ml.
  • Adding colouring, caffeine, and taurine to vape juice is illegal.
  • Products like vape juice that you want to sell must be certified by MHRA before they can be sold in the UK.
  • All the nicotine ingredient warnings must be displayed on the packaging before the sale.

Cap-Up Lines:

From the above discussion, it concludes that if you are a manufacturer, it is perfectly legal to sell vape e-liquid in the UK, but it is best to follow the regulations of TPD to prevent any illegal consequences. Moreover, before selling, it is recommended to give all product details to MHRA and get them approved.