Can Artificial Intelligence Help Horse Racing Gamblers?

Artificial Intelligence

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports when it comes to gambling. The sport has gone hand in hand with gambling, which makes it different to many others, which have thrived as a sport before gambling was introduced to it.

Horse racing is a sport that continues to thrive, especially as far as the gambling side of things is concerned, while artificial intelligence continues to be a key part of the future, and something that continues to be researched. But what about together, can they combine to help horse racing gamblers win more money when they place their bets?

With artificial intelligence in place, you no longer have to be a form student. Generally speaking, a professional horse racing gambler will be very good at comparing the form, putting together different pieces of form and forming an opinion on how a race will work out. This is all very time consuming, and of course not everyone has the ability to do this for themselves. This is why many people will pay a horse racing tipster to get their advice on what to bet on.

If you do this, then you are getting information that is based on the quality of your tipster. However, with AI, if a bot is created to compare the available form and work out what may happen, with the right technological advancements this bot could be better than any horse racing tipster available. This may seem very far-fetched, but we have recently seen AI beat the top poker players in the world, so what is to say that we couldn’t get the horse racing version of that AI to beat the top horse racing tipsters?

Should such a product be built, it would of course become very popular with gamblers. They would jump on the tips that were produced by the bot, as they would be seen as the best available, and many people like to follow tips they receive.

Accorrding to newbettingsites.uk, an AI bot with a track record would only boost horse racing betting in the future, as many people who don’t know too much about the sport would be able to use the bot to help them predict winners. There are many new horse racing betting sites that offer players the chance to bet on horse racing, and while these are already proving popular, they would be even more so in the future if this type of technology was not only created, but also became available to the public.

With advancements happening, the relationship between any form of gambling and AI continues to grow closer. Whether it is inside a poker room, or sports betting on horse racing, people will continue to be interested in what is created, especially if the product can prove itself over a long period of time. Advancements in AI could well eventually make their way into horse racing, and should something be created that punters can use, it will no doubt prove to be very popular.

image credit: Artificial Intelligence via Peshkova/shutterstock