Can a MacBook Air Replace Your Windows Desktop?

MacBook Air

The Microsoft Windows operating system is still the most popular operating system available. A report from ZDNet confirms that 49.2% of devices were running Windows in 2017, compared to the 9.2% computers running MacOS.

While this figure also features the number of people using Windows laptops, many people are still using Windows desktops. Millions of people use these desktops at work, with their businesses installing the computers in their offices and leaving employees with no option to switch to another operating system.

However, the number of Windows desktops may drop as people look at the features of other operating systems and laptops. One device that people are turning to is the Apple MacBook Air, the lightweight laptop that runs on MacOS.


The MacBook Air is Portable

One reason why some Windows desktop users are moving to the MacBook Air is that it is incredibly portable. The device is slim and weighs just a few pounds, meaning that you can easily use it in the office or take it with you to do work on the go. There are also special backpacks designed to hold the MacBook Air, with Mashable saying that brands such as North Face and SwissGear have launched stylish cases for them. A Windows desktop isnít portable and Windows laptops, while designed to be taken anywhere, are much heavier than the MacBook Air.

This portability is becoming more important to businesses who are allowing their employees to work outside of the office. If given the chance to work where you like, a MacBook Air will be a great piece of technology, letting you work on the beach, on a mountain or from a coffee shop.

MacBook Airs Can Be More Affordable Than Windows

While Apple devices arenít known for being the most budget friendly systems, you can find MacBook Airs that are more affordable than a Windows desktop or laptop. There is a huge used and refurbished MacBook Air market that means that you can get a MacBook Air for a cheaper price than buying a Windows desktop with the same specs. Refurb.Me reveals that the refurbished MacBook Air 11 with a glossy screen (the most affordable MacBook Air available refurbished) is priced at $379 and up. That price is for a MacBook Air in good cosmetic condition, with a warranty.

Thatís great if youíve been looking for a way to upgrade your computer without spending so much money. The MacBook Air can be cheaper or the same price as a Windows desktop with extra features such as a faster flash storage hard drive, a camera, and a gorgeous glossy screen.

MacBook Airs Have Free Software

You can also save money with the MacBook Airís free software. MacBooks purchased brand new or refurbished have software such as Pages, Keynote, Numbers, iMovie, and the Siri virtual assistant. These programs can all be very helpful for those doing work.


On a Windows desktop or laptop, you would have to pay to access features like this. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other programs are now available with a Microsoft Office 2019 subscription. While PCMag does say that the features are great and are some of the best that money can buy, the publication also says that subscriptions donít come cheap. If you want to keep your subscription, you could be paying hundreds of dollars every year while on a MacBook Air you get high quality programs just like those in Microsoft Office but for free.

Apple has given people many reasons to buy a MacBook Air with new versions that offer better screens, longer battery lives and better technical specs. These could all get more people switching their Windows desktops for the MacBook.

Image Credits: MacBook Air from Vasin Lee/Shutterstock