Caller Tunes Are Out, Vyng Is In

Vyng Is In

When seeing an incoming call from an unknown number, do you ever wonder: who is calling? Why are they calling? Is it important? Should I answer? Is this spam? If your answer is yes, then you need Vyng in your life and their app in your phone.

Los Angeles based startup Vyng has built a next-generation Caller ID app and it’s fast replacing the old school dialer and text based Caller ID. Vyng has built Visual Caller ID and can visualize calls with pictures, videos and music for incoming and outgoing calls. Vyng users agree that the Video Caller ID feature helps them start better conversations with friends, families, colleagues and even businesses.

One of the users of Vyng says, “It is better than TrueCaller because I can actually see who is calling, it could be a colleague whose number I don’t have in my phonebook, but I recognize by their face. It also helps with spam detection like TrueCaller, but there’s no ads, and they keep my data private”.

If you are in India and own a cellphone, chances are you frequently receive spam calls. Spammers have affected Indians for years and in the era of digitisation, the problem has only compounded, with Indian users averaging nearly 26 spam calls per month and growing almost 20% year over year.

Vyng detects spam while giving the experience of a full screen caller identification. The app also lets users set videos as ringtones for friends, playing a fresh video on the lockscreen with every call. You can even browse through their collection of Bollywood and Punjabi music videos and set one of those as your video caller id.

Another Vyng user says, “ Vyng has devotional music videos too. I’ve set up a Bhajan for my mom as her Vyng ID and whenever she calls, my phone plays her favorite Bhajan. It’s such a beautiful experience”

Vyng has truly transformed how conversations start on mobile by adding a reason for call feature. You don’t only get to see who is calling but also why. And Vyng does all this in a secured manner, without storing or collecting personally identifiable information.

Experts are believing that Vyng could truly be the future of phone calls. Vyng is available on Play Store and is working towards releasing an iOS version soon. Android users can download the app using the link –