What to buy, where to find it or how fast can you get it?

Whoever is looking for perfect presents asks these questions and since 1999 the best choice is to check out Allegro’s largest selection of products suitable for every occasion and for every budget.

Something for everyone

The online auction service has already gained its popularity by offering enormous numer of reasonably-priced items ranging from car parts and vehicle auctions, through house furniture and gadgets to different high-end sales of clothes and jewellery. Millions of people supply themselves with various products for their businesses, private projects and such events as birthdays, wedding presents or intimate parties. Apart from everyday wares the assortment of the online shop includes endless and constantly changing variety of presents which you can search using themed suggestions for example those for boys, for baby-showers, on mother or father’s day or even for bachelors’ parties or sports events.

Easy and favorable orders

Having chosen the ideal present there are many order options available, all designed to be fast, easy and trustworthy. If you want to buy something you can choose from the filtered preferences depending on cost, popularity, price with delivery, time of addition or the end of the auction. Later to make sure the item is exactly what you need the comments section provides the opinions of other customers who has bought and checked the product already. Moreover to resolve any doubts the Allegro service gives specific information about sellers and their offers and additionally they ensure beneficial installments or even decorative packaging if the product is intended as a gift. All the features add up into perfect e-commerce solutions for internet shopping without risk.

Reliable delivery and complaints

The fresh and profitable option – AllegroSmart gives opportunity to purchase a subscription on deliveries for 6 or 12 months for those regularly making online shopping. It lowers the delivery costs to less than minimum and expedites multiple orders. For one-shot shopping you can choose from many preferences like sending products to parcel machine points, payments in advance or cash on delivery. You can also have it sent by the courier or postal service. Also having received an item that do not meet your expectations or came with product defects, the customer can make a free refund within 14 days on standard parcels or unlimited return free of charge while using Smart plan.

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