Business Services Online: Benefits for Social Security

A good business service aligns IT assets with the needs of a company’s employees and customers and support business goals, facilitating the ability of the company to be profitable. 

Documenting the value that an IT department provides to the business often involves an audit of IT infrastructure processes, creating or updating an IT service catalogue, and/or the provisioning of an employee self-service portal to improve communication. In addition, it supports many other business services such as procurement, shipping and finance.

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Benefits of Using Social Security for Business Services Online Portal

Accurate earnings records are essential to the Social Security Administration and every worker in the United States. For example, suppose Social Security cannot match the name and Social Security number (SSN) reported on a W-2, Wage and Tax Statement to its records. In that case, the agency cannot credit the earnings to that worker’s record. As a result, when payments are missing, the worker may not qualify for Social Security benefits, or the benefit amount may be wrong.

Historically, approximately 10 per cent of the W-2s the agency receives each year from employers initially have mismatched name/SSN combinations. There are several causes why reported names and SSNs on W-2s may not match with Social Security’s records, such as typographical errors, unreported name changes, and inaccurate

or incomplete employer records. Employing more than twenty automated matching routines, the firm can identify regularly occurring mistakes that, when corrected, provide the accurate crediting of reported earnings to the suitable worker’s earnings record.

Social Security works arduously to educate employers— at the national and local level—about the importance of accurate wage records and the free tools available. In addition, the agency works intimately with the payroll provider society through organizations. 

The agency holds information about its online suite of services in all ventures, Business Services Online (BSO), at http://www.ssa.gov/bso/bsowelcome.htm. The tools included in BSO provide employers with many opportunities. For example, they can correct errors before, during, and after the development and submission of their wage reports. These tools include:

AccuWage: Downloadable software tests the accuracy of wage information prior to submission by recognizing common formatting flaws.

SSN Verification Service: A free service to establish that all employees names/SSNs match the Social Security Administration’s documents prior to submission.

View Name and SSN Errors: A assistance for electronic wage reporters to observe the processing status and errors with name and SSN mismatches after their submission.

It is essential that the Social Security Administration has accurate earnings records for workers throughout the country, which begins with precise wage reports from the nation’s employers. In addition, everyone should be encouraged to use the free tools on the Business Services Online portal. The earnings record of each worker decides their future acceptability and the volume of Social Security advantages they will hold, so correctness is essential.

Social Security’s work with entrepreneurs, the agency supports workers in viewing their personal earnings records and submitting corrections online by creating my Social Security account at www.ssa.gov/myaccount. Through my Social Security account, people can check personal information and conduct business with Social Security. For

example, if they already receive Social Security benefits, they can start or change direct deposit online, request a replacement SSA-1099. If they require proof of their guidance, they can print or download a prevailing Benefit Verification Letter from their record.

People not yet getting benefits can utilize their online account to receive a personalized Social Security Statement, which provides earnings information and estimates of future benefits. In addition, residents of most states may request a replacement Social Security card online if they meet specific requirements. The portal also holds links to other online services, such as applications for Medicare benefits, retirement, and disability.

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