Building the Next Big Thing

Big Thing

At certain points you have to wonder what mustíve been going through the mind of Reid Hoffman when he came with the idea of LinkedIn. While LinkedIn is not nearly as popular as Facebook or Twitter, it has something that neither of these two have; professional importance to the business community. While Facebook and Twitter are wonderful apps to promote your products or carry out a thorough marketing campaign, they lack the options when it comes to business connectivity as well as networking.

So, when will the next LinkedIn arrive? When will an idea transform the meaning of business networking? When will a budding entrepreneur leave us all mesmerized by the scale of their creativity?

May itís all about guidance. A lot of potential entrepreneurs complain that there is an incredible lack of support when it comes to intellectual encouragement. The focus is too much on improving on the existing products rather than coming up with something truly revolutionary.

So, here are some vital tips that can help any future entrepreneur to create your own business app:

Where to start

This is will probably be the toughest part of the entire process. There might be tons of ideas and broad strokes running through your mind but you might be utterly blank when it comes to where to actually begin? And more importantly, how to begin? What you should do before anything else is to get yourself credentials as an app publisher. Thisíll make it legally possible for you to distribute and/or sell your created apps.

If you want to distribute your app through Google Play, then you need to sign up here and then after accepting their Terms and Condition and paying a $25 registration fee you can place your app up to be downloaded by users once it is ready.

Be Unique

Once youíve got the proper credentials, you need to come up with ideas for your app. This is where all those ideas and broad strokes need to be placed on the table and filtered through. In all those rough ideas and concepts, there is one idea that makes more sense than all others and thatís the one youíll have to pick. Remember, youíll probably witness a lot of success if you decide to basically mimic another app but itíll only be temporary.

If youíre confident in your idea and the app that youíve created then youíll need to play the long game and not give into the early disappointments.

Identify a need

All business apps exist because they fulfill certain needs. Uber makes it easier for users to hail a ride; Airbnb makes it easier for people to rent a room for a night while Foodpanda makes it possible for you to choose whatever you want to eat for hundreds of restaurants near you. Similarly, your business app needs to cater to a specific need. Only then will it be properly received and widely used by users. Youíll have a hard time building up a user base if youíre providing a service that 10 other apps have been providing before you. Be creative and identify a need that event he people donít see yet. Thatís the secret to success.