How to Build Your Brand as an Influencer?


Digital marketing keeps on evolving. In the past couple of years, the good old marketing tactic of leveraging the influence of authoritative, credible, and trusted people relevant to a niche has been adopted with rollicking success by digital marketers.

For anybody with social influence, it’s enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding to connect audiences with products and ideas relevant to them. Building a brand as an influencer, however, takes time. It takes hard work and a strong strategy to cultivate brand image as an influencer. In this guide, I’ll cover some time tested basics, rules, and methods of building your brand as an influencer.

Build and Fortify Your Online Visibility

Too many influencers commit the mistake of launching themselves without truly building a strong foundation to support their lofty aspirations. Instead, follow these tips:

  • Get your branded domain as soon as you can.
  • Get professionally clicked images for yourself; people must be able to put your face on your name.
  • It’s difficult, but you need to nurture many online profiles; apart from the major social media platforms, target niche specific platforms, such as teamBHP for automobiles market.
  • Pro tip: Do a quick check on the top 3 influencers in your niche and see their digital footprints. To compete with the best, you’ve got to play in their fields!

Get Your Laser Gun Out

Not literally. I mean – influencers need to be laser focused in their branding messages. It is essential for influencers to understand what they should look for when searching for an ideal brand. Understand which brand operates in your territory and know your competition well. Also, when sharing branding messages, always show your best side. This works in two ways.

  • Your followership will have a high percentage of people well-aligned with you. This improves the real worth of your social followership numbers.
  • Businesses looking to rope in influencer collaborators want to be quick and clear; nothing like hitting the perfect match for a business with the same ‘tone’ as you.

Laser focus also helps you quickly achieve the ‘expert’ status within your niche.

Masters of branding swear by this simple technique of perfecting the art of focused branding. Write your core branding message in 3 sentences. Distill it down to one sentence. Further distill it to 5 words. Now you’re focused and clear.

Give, give, give again, and then ask

Influencers would do well to remember that their subscribers are their assets, and they ‘choose’ to follow you. So, to cultivate your digital brand as an influencer, you’ve got to deliver value. Content curation goes a long way in helping you build a social brand. More tips:

  • It’s recommended that 80 to 90% of your content should be non-promotional.
  • Transparency is a key when you promote a brand or product; don’t recommend if you won’t spend your dollars on the same product.
  • Resource guides, freebies, giveaways, lucky draws, free personal advice – there’s a lot an influencer can share with audiences to have them interested.
  • Know what they want; channelize your giveaway distributions in the right direction. Use surveys and opinion polls, Google Trends, and Google search analytics to identify what the audience is looking for.

Bonus Tip: Improve Your Visibility

As an influencer, you need to be visible and heard, and must occupy mind spaces, for consumers, as well as brands. Consider reaching out to credible agencies that connect influencers with brands. Also, make it known in your bio on every platform that you’re well and truly on your path as an influencer.

Concluding Remarks

For any influencer, it ultimately boils down to managing brand equity, sustaining and growing it. Influencer marketing will continue to attract a lot of investment from brands. To make sure that you benefit from this, you need to build a brand of your own. Start on this exciting and enriching journey with the tips in this guide.