Build a Motorized monitor lift (on a budget!)

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The modern world is not as hard as it seems to be. Of course, the time runs very fast and everything changes all the time. All modern technologies are very useful and needful for people. Today, there are numerous bright ideas that can simplify peopleís lives. Almost all of us use different modern technologies. They are everywhere. We use them at home, at our workplaces, at school, university, entertainment centers, and even on the street.

Actually, you may have heard a lot of useful information about various hidden cabinets and lifts. They have many advantages, as they can save the space. Also, it is very convenient to use hidden lifts. In fact, almost all automation ideas require attaching varied linear actuators. It seems to be very expensive. So, in this article, we will tell you how to build a motorized monitor lift as cheap as possible.

The line?r actu?tor

In general, we take various line?r actu?tors when we have to transfer the rot?tional m?ve into the line?r one. Today, there is ? lot of useful information about varied types of the lift, elevator, moving stairs, h?dden cab?net, aut?mated d?or, a standing table, etc. Usually, we take actuators for varied automation schemes and engineering. We can face different kinds of line?r actu?tors (such as HYdr?ulic, PNeum?tic, MAgnetic, EL?ctric, and MEchanic). Usually, they vary through the size, capacity, voltage, and specific characteristics. Every time you are thinking of buying such a product, itíll be safer to purchase the line?r actu?tor on the official online source There you can select from a big variety of high-qu?lity actu?tors, so youíll select the most suitable for you.

The automated monitor lift

Usually, we keep our computers at home or at the office where we work. However, they can take much space. And sometimes we just do not want anybody to use our computer. So, in such cases, it will be better to hide it. There are many varied ideas on how to hide your computer. One of the brightest examples is to build an automated monitor lift. Nowadays, there are numerous ready products. Basically, we live in the time when we can get and buy everything we want. In fact, ready products can be too expensive. But still, not all of us have an opportunity to afford such things. That is why many people prefer to build their own automated monitor lifts.

How to build a motorized monitor lift on a budget?

Basically, you can find out many different ideas on how to build a motorized monitor lifts. Sometimes they can cost too much (up to $700). But still, there are some cheaper variants. Actually, you need to spend about $45 to build your own automated monitor lift. You have to take all the needful equipment, tools, parts, and elements. As for the linear actuator, you can make your own one, as you do not need to take a very powerful one. And if you are going to buy it, it will be better to order it on the official websites (such as You just need to build a box of wood with the rotational mechanism. Also, you need to attach a linear actuators into this construction. Then you need to attach it to your working place or table. The working principle is rather easy. You push the button and this lift moves your computer up/down. The design and sizes can vary due to your desire and size of your working place. So, you will need to do some calculations, or you can take the ready calculations. In any way, follow the recommendations and do everything correctly.

Today, the Internet is full of bright automation ideas and schemes. The price can vary due to the materials and designs. However, speaking about the motorized monitor lift, it will be cheaper to build it out of wood and use a lower-power linear actuator. By the way, in order to save your money, it will be better to search for the needful parts and elements on a sale. Then select the best design, do some calculations, and build your motorized monitor lift.

Image Credits: monitor lift from UfaBizPhoto/Shutterstock