BT Complete WIFI Ė the best WIFI deal yet?

bt wifi

Having recently purchased BT SmartHub 2 in which I believed would give complete coverage throughout our new house we were puzzled to find out that areas furthest away from the SmartHub werenít receiving most coverage at all, some with no WIFI at all.

BT pointed us in the way of their Complete WIFI package in which uses BTís very own WIFI disks in which extend and boost the Smart Hubís signal and give coverage throughout the whole house, something we havenít had in years. In fact, BT are so confident in their disks that they provide you with a guarantee a strong signal in every room of the house otherwise £100 back!

Initially BT send out to the latest BT SmartHub 2 alongside one of their Disks; now they say that one of these is strong enough to do the majority of householdís dependant on where you place them which can be factored on the BT app during the installation stage. Their app helps to manage the WIFI network in your home so that every room is getting the same strong signal and will calculate the best location for disk.

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Although, if you donít believe you are getting strong speeds throughout the house, BT will personally monitor this for you and will judge if you can be sent up to two more disks to allow for coverage to be throughout. Having experience this for myself now, I can say that this service is impressive and one that is backed by many reviews.

In fact TechRadar went on to say that ďBT have got a hit on their hands hereĒ as well as Trusted Reviews saying that it displays ďImpressive Results.Ē As a matter of fact, we havenít actually found a review that isnít fond of the BT Complete WIFI package.

Due to the raving reviews and from experience as well, I couldnít recommend the service more, and at just £10/month extra to your normal BT contract, itís a no brainer for us.

[Image: BroadbandChoices]