Brilliant Easy Ideas on Recovering Lost Data

Vulnerability of losing data saved in phones and laptops is a matter of concern. Knowing level of risk it may bring, it becomes mandatory to find a counter active solutions. Not only for the pain of restoring. But also agony you experience in losing old memories in the form of pictures, text messages, videos, and etc.

Reasons of Losing Data:

Data stored in the memory card or hard drive may lose in the following conditions:

  • Malware and bugs play their role in the system or machine.
  • You were lazy to create a backup files folder
  • Dysfunctionality of system due to sudden crash.
  • For the obvious reason of system or phone being stolen.

Above mentioned reasons could occur and it is fine if it happens. What you need to know about is how to deal with such situation. Panicking and going into depression will not help you out. So, stay relaxed and calm.

How to Prevent Data Loss in Phones or Laptops?


Regardless of losing your data, need of staying cool is the best call. Following points will assist you in preventing from data loss:

  1. Google Drive:

Google Drive or One Drive is a free data recovery software. You need to expand the storage by paying minimum amount every month or per annum.


  • Gmail synchronization with the complete package of signing in YouTube, Google Chrome, Google Document, etc.
  • Editing and saving of data is possible by storing it in the cloud.
  • Also has an app for desktop as well as for smart phones. And these apps completely aligns with the current need of phones.
  • 15 GB is provided free of cost.
  1. Dropbox:

One of the veteran software for cloud drive, supports your data with 2 GB of free space.


  • File management system is quite easy to manage.
  • Provision of extra space in cloud you have to pay as less as $1per month.
  • Goodies come along with business plan subscription.
  1. Security and Passwords:

Last but not the least, setting security passwords is also one of the ways to secure the system or device.

Recovering Lost Data:

Recovery software from the very minimum range of price to the maximum compensation rates is readily available on web. Among all those, EaseUS is also worth appreciating.

Backup plans are needed and for that you have to indeed look for the right selection. Mainly focusing on the type of data you want to save.

EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software:

EaseUS is one of the similar free data recovery software. Giving free space to store the most important data. With the 2 GB space it is always easy to recollect data which you somehow lost. The best take on it is to install the app on your mobile phone. Use it and if you like, then go for the premium paid version of same software.

One of the advantages of using free or paid collecting data is it not only to get it recovered. But also to redeem challenges of professional life.