Bored Again? Find Cool Things to do ..


You’ll never be bored again, thanks to Google’s Schemer.

A new addition to Goog|e’s Plus service, Schemer is a great site if you ever find yourself twiddling your thumbs and seeking inspiration for things to do.

Visit log in with your Google Plus account, enter your postcode and Schemer will begin Ending things for you to do in no time.

These activities can be anything from making a homemade pizza to exploring local attractions. Once you’ve logged in you can choose favourite activities, such as reading books, watching documentaries and eating spicy food.


Schemer will present a list of things to do based on your location and interests – just click ‘Iwant to do it’ to add it to your list. Clicking the ‘X’ in the corner dismisses the activity, and clicking the tick adds it to your ‘Done’ list. You can share activities with friends on Google Plus, or even try out theirs. You’ll never have a dull weekend again.

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