Bluetooth Not Working Windows 10 : Solutions to Fix

Bluetooth Not Working on Windows 10.. . . . and when this happens to the excellent tool for file sharing and connecting devices wirelessly, users get annoyed.

Windows gets stuck when Bluetooth did not operate or can not join any device to your network. Many users are encountering this problem and finding it challenging to resolve this matter. So, we have picked these ways to help you get back Bluetooth on your processor.

Method 1 Check Bluetooth Services

Windows Services is an essential program that has to be continually running for better performance and smooth running of Windows. Bluetooth also has its Service, which has to be running for working on Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth Service is stopped then it is the cause of the issue, you can check the services’ status by following steps.

  • STEP 1  Open Run box by holding Windows and R keys together. Type service.msc and doubled Enter.
  • STEP 2  Locate Bluetooth Support Services from the services list. Right-tap on it and choose to restart.
  • STEP 3  Double-tap on it, and the properties window will be open up. The automatically picked option is startup type and clicks OK.
  • Also, If it is stopped, Tap on start to start the service.

Method 2 Check bluetooth is on or not in Settings

  • Locate Bluetooth and other devices settings in Windows 10 search box.
  • Click on the search result.
  • In the left menu, click on Bluetooth and other devices.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is turned ON.
  • If it is turned ON, turn it OFF once and Turn it ON back again.

Method 3- Make sure Airplane mode is Not ON

It may occur that you may have turned aeroplane mode on. If this is the case, the Bluetooth will not work in aeroplane mode as it is planned to do so in windows 10.

  • Press Windows logo key + A keys together from your keyboard.
  • Now, make sure airplane mode is not ON.

Method 4 Inspect Power options

  • STEP 1  Right-click on the windows button and choose Device Manager.
  • STEP 2  Determine the PC Main Bluetooth in the list, Double-tap on it.
  • STEP 3  Proceed to power management Tab.
  • STEP 4  Uncheck enable the computer to turn off this machine Option.

Method 5 Windows Troubleshooter

Window Troubleshooter is a genuine windows program that recognises hardware or software error and tries to get it. Follow these steps to find the problem by Troubleshooter.

  • STEP 1  Locate the Run box by pressing Windows and R keys together. Type control in the text box and hit Enter.
  • STEP 2  Tap on Troubleshooting.
  • STEP 3  Tap on Hardware and Sound.
  • STEP 4  You will find a record of hardware here, discover Bluetooth and tap on it. A pop-up window of Bluetooth troubleshooting will open.
  • STEP 5  Tap Next, and it will begin detecting the issue with the Bluetooth and get it for you. If not designated, at least it will get you the error about the Bluetooth to choose the subject.

Method 6 Edit Registry

  • Locate regedit in Windows 10 search box. Click on Registry editor icon to start it. Before progressing to edit the registry, it’s recommended to practice a backup first by filing> export.
  • Now, locate the following location in registry editor
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion
  • In the right side, Double tap on CurrentVersion and modify the value to 6.2.

Method 7 Uninstall Bluetooth driver and Reinstall

If the Bluetooth driver is faulty, then it can result in the non-working of Bluetooth on your processor. You have to reinstall it to extract the wrong driver and restore it with working drivers.

  • STEP 1  Right-tap on the windows button and select Device Manager.
  • STEP 2  Search Bluetooth in the list, Right-tap on your PC Main Bluetooth device and preferred Uninstall device to uninstall.
  • STEP 3  Tap on Uninstall to confirm.
  • STEP 4  Reboot the computer. It will install the driver again on the computer.

Method 8 Update Bluetooth driver

  • STEP 1  Right-click on windows button and choose Device Manager.
  • STEP 2  Establish Bluetooth in the list, Right-tap on your PC Main Bluetooth device and select Update Driver.
  • STEP 3  Select Search Automatically Option.
  • Please wait for the Update process to get completed and allow it Update Bluetooth to the latest version.

Hope the above methods to fix the problem, helps!