How to Block Pop-ups in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is probably the best internet browser that keeps several pop-ups under control. Browsing can have become extremely hard if you have pop-ups coming up from almost every other website. In this post, we will deal with this annoyance issue, and itwill not take much of your time, plus the tricks we will be sharing are super easy to apply.

Below you will find some ways to stop pop-ups, steps for creating an exception list and running malware scans whenever you need.

Go to Settings > Advanced > Content Settings > Toggle > “do not allow” or select exceptions.

You can also check your approved sites and manage exceptions, means you can add new entries or delete old entries as required.

content settings pop-up blocker

This is basically the entire process to block pop-ups in Google Chrome, do tell us if you encounter any issue while doing so.

More making it more clearly visible here’s a video below that does the exact same thing above in step by step manner.

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