Black Friday 2013 Deals – From Walmart to Best Buy

Every year the day after Thanksgiving in America you will see large queues outside markets as the deals are on. This year Black Friday 2013 has taken the other parts around the world like Australia, Canada and UK as well. Though there is no holiday in UK for Thanksgiving.

2013 will be also recorded in history for some superb deals for both retail and online segments. In last week, we have heard camping stations begin outside Best Buy stores before the week began.

Be it the online shopping giant Amazon which has country specific deals and portals and Walmart of Britain with an 70% announced consumer deals this year.

Another day like this will be seen on Dec 26 known as the boxing day, where more percentage of people are reported every year. Both these days always set a record in expenditure and buying.

Stores open as early as 6 A.M in the morning for Cadillac-Fairview and 7 a.m for Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Target’s 124 stores in Canada.

Offers like Xbox 4 for $129.99 (regular price $199) and 39” Magnavox HDTV in $199.99 (regular price $379.99) will surely give people a cheer when coming in stores.

Check the sites : Best Buy , Walmart