BitLife – Life Simulator Ribbon Guide by on LDPlayer

Life Simulator Ribbon Guide

Do you want to play something different than the usual RPGs and action games? So here is a text-based app. This will start your life from birth and leaving you to build a character with your choices. Through your made options, your virtual life is being progressed. You have to build your life from bit to bit with your preferences, either it might be good life or a bad life.

BitLife – Life Simulator is a story game, and you are the person who has the right to build your story life. You may like to be a model or a perfect citizen and meet your love of life. And sometimes you might need to experience the adventures you have never experienced before in your life as being in a crime. Who knows? BitLife – Life Simulator will give you a perfect chance to rise within your life.

If you want to play BitLife – Life Simulator on PC, you can do it by using LDPlayer, and now you are free to enjoy an excellent mobile game on your PC with so many added features than a mobile. So here we are sharing about the ribbons in this game. What are these ribbons, and how to get ribbons? Let’s talk.

What is referred to as Ribbons in BitLife – Life Simulator?

Ribbons give a reason to play you the game BitLife – Life Simulator, and those are presenting you the life. These lives are not rich and famous, and those will be rewarded to the players for play the game by using several methods. There are multiple ribbons as follows.


This ribbon is witnessed for studying hard, and you can’t achieve this one easier. To get this, you have to take several courses and spend your time more in a university. This is not something you have to do essentially, but it gives you highly competent knowledge.


If you are a hard player in BitLife – Life Simulator, you know what addiction is and how you can cure it. You can get this ribbon by cutting all the drug curing methods and addictions. A player needs to rack up as many addictions as possible, and if he is offered a drink or a drug by others, he needs to accept it permanently.

Cat Lady

This is a woman, and she prioritizes her cats more than family and friends. If one cat dies, you need to replace it as soon as you can. You need to have so many cats here and shouldn’t make any effort to talk to your family or friends. To get this ribbon, you need to pay attention to maintaining your green bras from every cat you have.


You have to escape the prison to take this ribbon. And make sure never to catch back again. There will be several methods to do so, and the very first method is blind luck. When using blind luck, you can cay your life through a low paid job and make your hopes never catch back. Other methods for escape prison are to change the gender or to immigrate to another country. These methods are so expensive than doing a job, and sometimes you can be caught by the emigration.


Do more than one more in your life to classify in this ribbon. Getting these types of ribbons can keep you into jailbird or with Scandalous ribbons.

Family Guy

Family guy is revolving around his family, and his family is his first. He makes life happy through his family rather than going for a career and luck. You have to be in marriage and have kids in here. You have to keep your wife’s and children’s happiness bar into full in your lifetime. you will be safe to do this with whole family members like siblings and parents.


This ribbon is responsible for giving what you want in your life. You can take a career path from the entertainment industry, and it can be porn or acting. Try to get a big following by posting your things on social media.


Fertile ribbon will be branded for layers when they have at least four children with them. You need to have kids with you earlier, and your target is to have kids. And nothing has to be achieved in your life. Just be famous for having so many kids, and that is your task to do here.


Live life with long life with uneventful. That is how you can take this ribbon. You should not earn so much money, and if so, you will end in another thing. If you want to achieve this ribbon, you need to try to live more than 100 years.


You have to trot on the globe by taking several vacations or immigrating to other countries many times. You should have a high income to travel a lot, but you shouldn’t be too rich. And also, you should not take loaded ribbons.


Hero is the opposite of scandalous, and you need to practice forgiving and be so much non-aggressive. You have to believe there is karma and be as much as nice to your family and for others so that you can earn this ribbon.

High Roller

To gain high roller, you need to earn so much money to win. You should have millions of disposal with you, and your partners will not be happy when you blow a high amount of money.


You can take this ribbon just like the way as cunning ribbon. You have too back to the prison and escape once again to take Houdini. Escape as much as you can to earn this ribbon.


This ribbon is easy to earn, and you can press the age button continuously until you die to achieve this. In here you will never improve yourself for never spent your life with family members. So our recommendation is to take this ribbon in one time in the game pay.


You have to spend your life in jail for a long time and make your efforts to die in there. Don’t try to murder and go to prison by doing an assault and trying to escape without success. The unsuccessful trying will add more jail years to the sentence in the ribbon.


You have to earn a successful life to get this loaded ribbon. In here you can reach 10 million. Keep in mind that any other thing you achieve in life will affect the ribbons you earn, so you need to make money from the beginning.


This ribbon is not hard to achieve, and it keeps you in a good look. You need to fornicate. If you are lying in your life and not earning many things, you can reach this ribbon easier for sure.

There are a total 30 of ribbons available in this BitLife – Life Simulator, and here are only a few. There are also Medicare, Model citizen, Mooch, Rich, Rowdy, Scandalous, Stupid, Successful, Teammate, Thief, Unlucky, wasteful and wicked ribbons available in this game and those give you different types of targets to achieve in your life.

BitLife – Life Simulator through LDPlayer

LDPlayer is the best android emulator used to play BitLife – Life Simulator on your Desktop or Laptop. It will enable the players to live his life with some fantastic graphics more than on a mobile.

You can set High/FPS Graphic setups for your PC to enjoy every life level in this game, and having its experience with loaded graphics would an interesting point to make our gameplay more amazing.  


Ribbons are awarding you the different life situations. One to another will be different, and no one is the same. You can earn these ribbons based on your favorite choices, and now you have the chance to live your life with what you want. So enjoy your gameplay with BitLife – Life Simulator and earn the ribbons based on your preferences.