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Nowadays, football bets are extremely popular. Gamblers are highly active during the regular tournaments. It is profitable to place bets with bitcoin betting www.1xBit.com, while getting many beneficial winning opportunities. Thus, a new round of the English Premier League is about to begin. In the previous 12th round, the top 4 teams included:

  • Liverpool – 34;
  • Leicester City – 26;
  • Chelsea – 26;
  • Manchester City – 25.

They are followed by Sheffield United and Arsenal with 17 points scored. Manchester United moved to 7th position with 16 points. In the current season of the Premier League, Liverpool has every chance to keep the lead. Perhaps, this season will be a breakthrough for Merseysiders for the first time in many years. The team shows itself to the best, defeating its rivals over and over again.

Bitcoin betting is a favorable option for experienced gamblers who also have experience in operating cryptocurrency. In the upcoming matches of the Premier League, the standings’ fate will be decided, and many gamblers will make predictions about Liverpool’s chances to keep its positions. The same goes for Leicester and Chelsea that have the same number of points and run the risk of letting Manchester City take the lead if the standings leaders fail to prove their strength.

The thirteenth round of the Premier League will begin on November 23. Do not miss it! It’s another reason to spare a thought to reliable bookmakers, where you can bet on football.

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