Bingo Is Back and the Hipsters are on It


Bingo is back, and the hipsters are living it up in trendy new age bingo halls across the UK. So join in on the fun and action from home with online gaming.

In a December 2018 article titled, ‘Hipsters are reviving bingo for a new generation,’ Jim Duffy talked about how his Aunt Jenny who once frequented a local hall, now enjoys the game without leaving her, “warm, toasty house.”

Even though the old bingo halls are in decline, trendy new age halls are opening across the UK, where hipsters can enjoy great food while socializing and playing bingo. It is the renaissance of what The Guardian’s Sarah Butler called, “a great British pastime.”

But like Aunt Jenny, you don’t have to leave the cozy confines of your home to enjoy your old Nan’s grand game in hipster style.

Organize an Online Bingo Party

Let’s face it, and while you do get your money’s worth being on the bingo scene at trendy clubs in Camden Town, London. However, you can still have a great time with friends by organising an online bingo party from home.

I am not talking about a pedestrian “88 – two fat ladies” number call wake-me-up-when-it’s-over Internet thing. I am talking about creating a social feel and buzz that will rock your virtual world.

Whether you have spent time on an online dating site chatting the night away with a new special someone, or joined your friends to watch a video at a Facebook “watch party,” being online is a great experience. Regardless of the social platform, it is as good as being there in person. What am I saying? You are there in person!


What’s more, the friends you have and the new ones you make playing bingo online can hook-up with you at one of the new clubs when you do decide to venture out again in the future. Think of them as your “virtual bingo party peeps.” 

Adding a Hipster Twist to Online Bingo

Of course (and excuse me “two fat ladies!”), who said you could only play bingo with numbers?

In his Instructables article aptly titled, ‘Hipster Bingo,’ Michael Saurus revises the game by replacing the numbers with images to which hipsters can relate.

The image tiles include everything from a conspicuous tattoo and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer to a MacBook computer and artisanal toast.


You can also create image tiles based on other themes, as one reader suggests. For example, why not try Comic-Con bingo or “aspiring actor” bingo. You can even play Monopoly bingo online.

The possibilities are endless – even more so because you are online.

Think Bingo, Globally

Back in 2013, The State of Online Gaming Report indicated that of the 1.2 billion people who played games, 700 million did so online. What was noteworthy was the diversity of online gamers. Besides teenage boys and girls, both men and women, and even the elderly got in on the action.


Fast forward to 2019, and online gaming is a big part of people’s lives with worldwide traffic reaching 915 petabytes per month in 2016. That number is expected to increase by 79% in 2019. Bingo games are a part of that growth, especially in the UK.

While a gambling prevalence survey in 2014 reported that 3 percent of the UK population played bingo every week, what was more telling about the game’s online popularity was an earlier UKGC gambling participation study. This latter study indicated that bingo games had become popular with people of all ages including women and yes, men between the ages of 18 to 24.

Furthermore, the 2018 ‘Young People and Gambling’ report showed that of all the online games available to young people between the ages of 11 and 16, bingo games were in the top 3 that they tried first.

Going back to our hipsters, it looks like they are not only at the front of the new bingo trend, they are also influencing the cultural mainstream.

Wait a moment, did they call my number?