Biggest syndicate win case ever recorded in the history of Finland’s casinos

The greatest ever financial prize ever recorded in the history of netti casino games in Finland was grabbed by a group of players and amounted to over 90 million Euros. The most amazing thing about this winning is that only one ticket from Finland appeared to bring luck to a group of local gamblers even though there were 18 other countries that could also win the same prize.

The lucky lottery ticket was purchased at the local supermarket where the system allowed for using multiple lines to give more people a chance to hit the greatest prize. The group of lucky winners comprised up to 50 people, while the group leader quickly contacted Veikkaus to make it easier to claim the reward in the lottery head office in Helsinki.

Details of the story: Where and how it all happened

Simply because the lucky ticket was only part of the system, there were several other bigger and smaller wins at stake which added up to the final payout of 90 million Euros. This turned the Finnish gamblers into the luckiest winners of the state which brought them not only a big reward but also nationwide fame.

However, since that time, the jackpot offered to lottery players decreased to a minimum sum of only 10 million Euros.

The story itself happened in a small town located in south western part of the country. With not so many permanent residents living in that area, it still remains a quite rare case in the history of Finnish casinos.

A fun fact about this incredulous story is that the lucky Finnish players celebrated their huge prize with brandy and coffee!

Previous jackpot winners

Although Finnish players were first to win this amount of money, such stories also happened in the past.

·       A man from Czech Republic once succeeded in hitting a record jackpot back in 2015;

·       A German gambler managed to beat this record only a year after that;

·       As for a syndicate of lucky gamblers, the story of the first ever record-breaking prize won by a whole group of players took place in 2017. In this case, the jackpot winners were residents of Germany, Denmark and Netherlands.

Tips for how to win big at casinos

Everyone who wants to get the highest prize at lottery, betting or casino games should first learn more about the tips and tricks on how not to lose the life-changing chance.

Here is everything you might want to know:

·       Choose only best-rated online casinos

Don’t forget to do a bit of research before you engage in online casino entertainment. To do everything correctly, you only need to check what the payout and speed of play will be, as well as what games are likely to help you win big. It’s also a good idea to read the reviews of previous users which can also help you to make the right choice. One more thing to remember is to learn more about the rules of play and the existing game strategies which apply to the casino of your choice.

·       Pay no attention to previous losses

Every gambler sometimes faces concurrent losses at online casinos. You only need to be patient and keep playing as this is perfectly normal for any avid gambler. However, try not to place too reckless bets when the chances of winning aren’t very high. Risky betting will hardly help you succeed in any type of casino game. You should also refrain from using alcohol while you’re playing simply because you need to stay alert to make the right decisions.

·       Use extra bonuses and know where to stop

A good thing to remember is to use only those websites that give gamblers many extra bonuses like free spins, no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses among many others. Finally, you should know where to quit while you’re still winning. Otherwise, you might end up losing more than you already have.