Biggest Jackpot Win in New Jersey


Winning the jackpot is the dream for most people around the world. It might seem impossible, but some people have made it and reached that dream. Regardless of the jackpot games that are available on the market, the common desire is to reach the highest prize that they have to offer. And Richard Wahl proved that it is far from being impossible.

Richard Wahl relocated to New Jersey, coming from Michigan. He had to change locations for a new job he received, but little did he know that his luck will make him rich overnight. He had tried to play the Mega Millions a few times before without any win. One day the luck smiled on him and he won the impressive jackpot of $533 million.

After taxes, he was left with a of $220.7 million. When he won this impressive casino jackpot, Richard Wahl was a 47-year-old man with a career as a northern New Jersey food services facility where he had the job of a production manager. The numbers that brought him this win were 28, 11, 46, 31, 59 and Mega Ball 1. He had to check the ticket at least 15 times before he could believe how much luck he was! Read more about US casino jackpots here.

Another lucky gambler made it to a win of $2.4 million in Atlantic City. The female gambler originated in Hawthorne, kept her identity secret to the public. And the slot machine that brought her this opportunity was Wheel of Fortune Double Sapphire Gold Spin. She started with a $10 bet at the Borgata Casino, and she turned it into $2.4 million in the blink of an eye.

This was not only a surprise for her but the entire casino as well. The winner didnít make any declaration on this jackpot, but she made it in the history of the biggest jackpots in Atlantic City. And most likely, her life changed completely.

There is also the luck of the beginner, which is what Anibal Lopes, age 33 was blessed with. He won from the first spin, and the prize was not less than $193,737. Anibal wanted to get a relaxing time after a long day at work and decided to use his Smartphone to gamble online.

He chose Divine Fortune, which is a slot machine based on a Greek theme. This is a progressive jackpot that was continuously fed since last time it was won in September 2017. Anibal was working for a construction company when he hit the impressive jackpot. Just like other winners, he never saw it coming.

As you can see, the world of gambling is impressive and astonishing at the same time. You can enjoy it for the adrenaline that it brings you but always keep in mind that a single bet can change your entire life! It takes not only gambling skills and experience but also the faith that you can also be one of the lucky jackpot winners if you follow your intuition and give it a fair try. Gambling can be as fun as it can be addictive and sooner or later, you will reach the prizes you were dreaming of!

Image credit: Lottery neon background via andrewvect/Shutterstock