Top Betting Countries in The World


Nearly 200 countries on our planet are so different and unique Ė with their own cultures, laws, customs, and traditions. However, in the modern globalized world, we all are getting closer day by day, and sports betting is one of these bonding experiences that unites people of every nationality.

International betting companies and websites like Interbet, Betway, Bet365 and lots of others are constantly developing. They make it possible to bet without risks from all corners of the globe, so itís natural that the gambling capital of the world is not a constant, and the top betting countries statistics has changed compared with the research done in 2014.

Wanna learn a brand new info about the most active betting countries in the world in 2018? Check out our top-9:

1. United States

United States

Despite the complicated status of United States sports betting on the government level, this country has an enormous betting market today.

Americans bet on the NBA Finals, The NFL Superbowl, the NHL Finals billions of dollars each year, which is much more than any other country in the world.

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Since gambling is fully regulated and legalized in the territory of the UK, hundreds of local bookies and online betting services are ready to offer a great space for placing your wagers.

According to the Gambling Commission, Gross Gambling Yield in the UK was about $18.7 billion during the 2016-2017, and the UK is the country that has the highest percentage of bettors under the age of 21 worldwide.

3. Canada


Canada sports betting is actively developing during the recent years, and itís already grown to become almost as popular as betting in the US.

Over 75% of adults in Canada bet on American Football, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, snowboarding and skiing tournaments.

4. South Africa

South Africa

No doubt, this country is a small betting market comparing to the US and Canada, however, the huge activity of local fans of sports betting significantly promotes online gambling in South Africa.

Many local teams are sponsored by successful betting companies like SportPesa or Hollywood Bets, and billions are gambled each year here.

5. Australia


Thanks to the Australiansí desperate love for placing sports bets online, this country can be deservedly called the gambling capital of the world. Indeed, it is here that on-track race betting was made legal first in 1810, and the overall sports betting followed in 1980.

According to H2G, the losses from betting per one adult were $990 in 2016, which is the record biggest amount throughout the world.

6. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand sports betting actively functions in such sports as Soccer, Cricket, and Rugby majorly.

In spite of the fact sports betting in the country is a little bit complicated because of some government issues, New Zealand keeps moving up this list of top betting countries in the world.

7. Kenya


Kenya is another African country with sports betting system in its infancy just like online betting in South Africa. A wide variety of sports are available to bet in Kenya, but most locals place their wagers on American and European Football.

Another cool thing is that the laws and regulations are quite clear so that the incidents are quite unlikely.

8. Singapore


This tiny yet powerful island in South East Asia can boast one of the strongest economies in the world. Not surprisingly, the government decided to legalize sports betting in such a wealthy and football-loving nation.

Every single football match is under the supervision and analysis of local bettors, which win and lose millions of dollars weekly.

9. Italy


A country with such a rich gambling history as Italy couldnít have failed to become one of the most betting nations worldwide.

Huge variety of sports to bet on, a wide range of betting companies, and overall financial well-being of the country made Italy an incredible part of our top betting countries list.