The Best and the Worst Apps of 2017!

Do you want to know what are the top and flop apps of 2017? You just have to keep reading this article, because we will talk about this topic that interests a lot of technology lovers and not only. Each of us has a smartphone, tablet or any device on which we download applications. There is always the curiosity to know which ones are the best and what are the worst ones. Often, you are looking for suggestions about the best 2017 apps or the worst ones and we give them.

We start from the best applications we have at the moment. Among the many iOS or Android apps, what are the best ones to have? We know that for Android smartphones or tablets, there is a wide choice of free mobile apps available, but for iOS too.  For that reason, we want to propose to our readers a list that they can not miss.

One of the best and most downloaded is Instagram. This is an app that does not need presentations, because more than 1 billion people use it every day. A real must have for both iOS and Android. The same for Facebook app: this is the most downloaded app all around the world, as Messenger. YouTube too is an application to have, as Telegram or WhatsApp. There is an instant messaging application on every device. These are some super top of the year and not only! Some other applications? Pokémon GO, for example, a real success as Super Mario app. For sport’s lovers we suggeste Endomondo, one of the best app of the moment. Perhaps that is best jogging app among those that are currently available, because it records distances, times, is able to advise the user and so on. Even Runtastic is a valid top! Don’t miss the opportunity to have it on your smartphone or on your wearable, if you are a sport lover.

And what about the flops? We can start from Google Allo, one of the worst app ever known. This app was safe, but users didn’t like it! There are also some apps that are malware. These are the worst flops of the year. Even the task killer applications as Task Manager are the worst! Erase them to your devices.

But what about betting online apps? Coral App is a top as the applications of every serious bookmaker. You have to pay attention, because when you bet online you use your money. The app you chose to place your bet, must be safe, legal and the best one! Don’t choose an app that is not legal, because these are not only the worst ones, but they can endanger your money and, above all, your device with some malwares. Every legal and safe bookmaker has a top app: the choice is very wide and you can download the app that you prefer, without any problem.