Best websites to Post Free Classified Ads

In this age of social media where there are apps when it comes to every little task, posting ads on websites or newspapers seems very outdated. But classified ads work just as good as any regular ad if it placed in the right place at the right time.

Some websites let you post ads for a price, and then some allow you to post ads for free. The difference between the two apart from the price is the website on which you are posting the advertisement.

Not all websites where you post your ad will hold the same weight as others. While posting your ad you want to be sure that your ad is being viewed by maximum people who will be interested in whatever it is that you are advertising.

We have consolidated a list of websites where you can submit your ads and be assured that it will receive a guaranteed viewership. The sites below are listed according to their ranking on leading surveys of websites with ads that bring in turnover.

If you post your ad on one of these sites, there is a good chance that many people will view your ad in turn leading to a positive response for your business.


Quikr.com is one of the popular websites for posting ads in India. The company recorded revenues above 1.73 billion in 2017-18. The figure indicates an increase of about 95% increase over the previous year.

On this website, you can post ads for free over a variety of categories. Quikr attracts over 30 million users every month. This gives an excellent advantage to the advertisements being post here because of the full range of viewership. Cars, bikes and jobs rank as its primary business fields in the classified ads sector.

45% of their revenue comes from classified ads, while the rest 55% comes from transactions being conducted on the website. Their growth in business has led them to acquire significant firms within the country.

Alexa Rank in India: 176


Sulekha.com is one such website that gets about 200 million visits from users every year. About 20 million people purchase online services and products from this website. There are more than 3 million businesses that feature on Sulekha.com with more than 1000 products and services being up on the site.

Advertising your ad on this website is free of cost if you are posting as an individual. However, they also have paid services for businesses keen on getting more customers attracted to their ads. This website is ideal for customers looking to post ads for Paying guest (PG) requirements, those looking for room partners, people wanting to sell and buy furniture, home appliances, mobile phones and electronics amongst others. Sulekha.com is also a popular website that operates in cities in the US and Canada.

Alexa Rank in India: 328


OLX too is a website that boasts of posting ads across various categories. It is one of the brands that is born out of the business group from the Netherlands. OLX.com is one of the best-classified sites in India for pre-owned automobiles and mobile phones.

OLX India earned revenue of 1.79 million in the year 2017-18 marking a 94% increase since its previous year. OLX holds over 70% of the market share of the used car in the country where people make money with their vehicles.

OLX had recently started with a ‘Cash my Car’ program that sees about 50 to 100 transactions each month. They have 10 million active users across India for buying and selling cars. The company’s share of pre-owned mobile phones is formidable. Over 20 million users were searching for pre-owned mobile phones in 2018.

Apart from mobile phones and automobiles, OLX India also has several other classifieds section including accommodations, pets, used furniture, electronics and home appliances.

Craigslist India

Without a doubt, Craigslist is the largest free classified website in the world. Craigslist is now available even in India for posting and viewing free classifieds. In India, you can post free classifieds in more than 100 sections and categories of Craigslist.

Craigslist is fast gaining popularity in India, although it is a new entrant in the country. The website also has an online community where you can discuss various topics for free.

Falling in line with its international counterpart, it also teaches good practices on how to identify frauds, scams, fake buyers while buying or selling something on Craigslist.

Alexa Rank Global: 115

Classifieds 4 Me

Classifieds 4 Me was launched in 2006. It has an excellent user interface for creating and posting in one of the best-classified ads sites. You can buy ad sell apartments, houses, villas, cars and even trucks. Classified 4 Me is also available in other countries.

Alexa Rank in India: 2803


There are two ways you can post free classified ads on Facebook, which is the largest social networking website.

a. The Facebook Marketplace

It is possible to post a classified for accommodation, vehicles and other stuff for free on Facebook. This place is called the Facebook Marketplace. There are no dues or fees that Facebook charges from its Marketplace users.

India is home to 294 million Facebook users. If you are already a Facebook user, it is straightforward to post free classified ads on Facebook Marketplace. In fact, Facebook provides with a free service where you can create a fantastic classified ad for your product or service.

The drawbacks to this way of posting your ad is that it will only be available to the Facebook users within your city or region. The other disadvantage being that Facebook Marketplace is visible only through the Facebook mobile app.

Millions of users across the country have already been using this service since it was launched in 2017. There are several loopholes, though, in this service, since Facebook does not take any responsibility for claims or bad deals. This is why several fake ads float around.

b. Jobs on Facebook

Jobs on Facebook are a free service to post a classified ad if you wish to hire people. If you have a Facebook page for personal or professional use, it is easy to post a free job classified. On the left side of your Facebook page is the ‘Explore’ option. It opens up to the link to post jobs will appear. Upon clicking the ‘Jobs’ link, you will be directed to a dashboard.

Here, fill in the requisite details. It is also possible to include company or brand logos or pictures of the workplace on Jobs on Facebook. However, Jobs on Facebook charges a fee for ‘boosting’ your classifieds.

Alexa Global Rank: 3

Khojle (Dainik Jagran)

Khojle is a free classifieds new service of Dainik Jagran. It began in late 2018 and continues to attract more unique visitors daily. Dainik Jagran is India’s largest daily newspaper. This Hindi language newspaper sells more than four million copies every day and has a readership of 70 million.

It ranks among the bestselling newspapers of the world. They also have an eponymous website that receives millions of visitors every day from India and abroad. It ranks as the 141st most visited website of India. Khojle lets you post free classified ads in various categories such as jobs, automobiles, accommodation, sale of used stuff and other miscellaneous items.

You can post ads depending on whether you want it to be viewed within the city or you are aiming for public viewing. You can also post Hindi ads to reach an even wider audience.

Alexa Rank in India: 123


Linkedin is the world’s largest professional networking platform. If you have a Linkedin profile, you can post a free job classified on the website. Here the job descriptions and qualifications have to be very brief.

The critical thing to remember here is that Linkedin charges a fee for a regular and another classified listing. Hence, the only way to get a free classified on this website is by making it appear like a profile update.

Alexa Global Rank: 25


If you want to advertise a product or service in India for foreign clients or Indians that are residing abroad, Expat.com is your best choice. This website provides services in more than 500 cities in 197 countries. It has about 2.7 million active users on the site.

You can view and post free classified ads at Expat.com in categories including accommodation, goods and jobs. Expat.com is a viral website since it carries in-depth details of various locations and countries. These can prove to be helpful to people who visit India as tourists.

Expat.com also enables people to form a social network before arriving in India or travelling abroad. It also links where foreigners can learn some useful words the local language of a country.

Alexa Global Rank: 14,300

Ads Global

Ads Global is a free job classified website that operates in 150 countries around the world. It is different from other sites since it caters to consumer-to-consumer, business-to-business as also business-to-consumer buying and selling online. This website offers classified postings in jobs, automobiles, events, dating and even matrimony among other sections.

Alexa Rank in India: 1205


Websites with free job classified ads attract millions of visitors daily. These websites help in finding the right person for your product or service. This results in getting the best value for your offerings. The flip side to this is that some scammers and fraudsters post fake listings on these websites. In the US, a significant classifieds website was seized by the court and various governments authorities. The reason being that users posted contents like adult services, which are not allowed by the American government.