Best Ways to get Ride Credit for Lyft


Lyft is a very popular ride-sharing app. Itís a transportation network company thatís available in various American cities. The app allows users to electronically hire cars operated by independent contractors. Itís more like a taxi service, though itís more technologically sophisticated and has shorter waiting times.

Signing up as a rider is super easy. All you need is to download the app and enter your name, mobile phone number, plus credit card number. Since you pay by ride, youíll have the chance to share rides with other people. Along those lines, here is all you need to know concerning how to get ride credit for existing customers.

So, How Does Lyft Credit Work?

Lyft credit is like cash in your account. It will automatically be applied to appropriate rides in the app. You can use your Lyft credit severally until it expires. It covers the fare itself as well as certain fees, but not cancellation fees, tips, or damage fees. Wondering how these credits are added? Donít panic. Itís very simple. They can be added directly to your account, typed into the Lyft app, or added via a link.  The exact amount of credit youíll get from a Lyft referral codes varies from town to town. But the maximum amount you can earn in a week is $2000. With a reward average of $10 to $15, youíll need to have a great network of friends in order to earn the maximum number of credits.

Be sure to utilize your Lyft credits before they expire! Typically, referral points are valid for the first 14 days after receipt.  So, consider inviting your friends in phases because you donít want to get thousands of credits that you wonít be able to use immediately. Space it out depending on your future transportation needs.

Partnership Promos Work Like Magic

Companies sometimes collaborate with each other to boost their market niche and drive more sales. They can also do it to give existing customers lucrative incentives to make them remain loyal to both brands.

Lyft has established brand partnerships with various companies. The partnerships are intended to benefit riders and save them significant amounts of money on their rides.

Riders who use Chase Bank credit cards to make payments for their rides get 5% discounts on their bill. So, if youíre this bankís cardholder, consider using it as your default method of payment in the Lyft app.

Paying your ride with your American Express Card wonít just earn you Lyft credits but will also get you Delta SkyMiles. For every dollar you spend on rides, youíll earn 2 free miles. Itís a sweet deal- the more your travel the greater your reward will be.

Subscribe With the Company

Regularly check the emails sent by Lyft to keep up with seasonal promo codes. Open each and every email to avoid missing out on codes thatíd work perfectly for you. Plus, you can also follow the rideshare company on social media platforms. They often post promo info plus daily updates to their Facebook, Twitter, as well as Instagram pages.

Read their blog too. It includes features of partnerships and event-based promotions that can be of great benefit to you. 

The Bottom Line

Looking for a quick way to land ride credits on Lyft? Wondering how to go about it? Relax. Itís pretty simple. All you need is to capitalize on referrals, leverage the power of partnership promotions, and engage with Lyft.

Image Credits: Lyft from Thomas Andreas/Shutterstock