Best Ways To Detox Your Inbox In 2020

Inbox detox

In a busy 2020 we are all thinking about how to improve productivity and get done more in less time. Moreover, with the coronavirus pandemic, most of us started working remotely which means that staying organized while working has never been so important than nowadays.

Our digital life is highly connected with our mailbox as email still remains one of the most popular communication channels for discussing work details with colleagues, clients, and other people. Having an overwhelmed mailbox will definitely influence your productivity, especially when you need to find an important message from your boss among other unnecessary promotional newsletters and junk emails.

If you want to organize your emails, have a clean mailbox, and stop getting unwanted messages from unknown senders, we have come up with the best email management strategies to detox your mailbox in 2020 like a pro:

?        Keep Your Inbox Decluttered from Unnecessary Emails: In order to have full control over your inbox, you need to manage your incoming messages according to certain rules. For example, you are probably reading a blog and down the page you see an option asking to sign up for their newsletter for getting important updates regarding their articles. You can sign up easily but as soon as your email address is added to their email list, you will start getting tons of similar promotional content that will clutter your mailbox. So, rule #1 you need to follow is using a work email account only for work-related issues. You can create a separate account for sign up at shopping websites, social media accounts, etc.

?        Unsubscribe from Unwanted Newsletters: In case you have already used your main account for all personal purposes, and you are already getting tons of unnecessary newsletters, the only way to make your mailbox clean and organized is to unsubscribe from everything you donít need. In most cases each newsletter will contain an unsubscribe link and when you click it, you will be able to remove your email address from their email list. However, if you are receiving dozens of newsletters, it may be time-consuming enough to opt-out from each of them manually. Donít worry, you can always use an email unsubscribe tool like Clean Email that will opt you out from all unwanted emails from one screen in a few clicks.

?        Set A Specific Time For Checking Your Inbox: The bitter truth is that managing inbox actually decreases our productivity. Each message contains something that requires your attention. So, when you open an email, you will need time to make the next decision; ultimately, it will eat up a lot of your valuable time. But, there is an effective way to handle this. Yes, you can set an auto-response message such as ďI check messages only at 9 a.m. If there is an emergency, call this numberĒ. You can customize it as per your requirements. In any case, make sure not to check your mailbox 20 times per day and reply to incoming emails as soon as they reach your inbox.

?        Set Up Rules and Filters: Why spend time managing each message by yourself if you can set up automatic rules that will organize your emails automatically? Almost every email modern service provider has an opportunity to set filters that will apply a certain rule to all emails matching that rule. For example, if you want all notifications from social media accounts to go to Trash, you just set this rule once and it will be applied to all your further incoming notifications starting from this time.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these four important steps and detox your inbox effectively in 2020. You will not only become more focused and productive at work but also save time for personal life such as reading your favorite books or learning a new language.