Best way to get app downloads away from competitors

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Statistics show that users scroll the maximum of the top 10 search results to choose an app. The competition is fierce, so the best way to get app downloads is to order them by incentive users. It can help you to boost your rank and leave your competitors far behind. Are you interested? Letís get to know more about it.

App downloads by motivated users

The main feature of this type of promotion is that itís done by keywords. You order downloads for particular search input. Incentive users enter it in the search field, find, and install your app. Then, they perform some in-app actions and keep it on their phones for some time. To ensure higher retention rate, you can also ask them to repeat the same in-app activity after a couple of days. Itís particularly important for ranking in Google Play. 

For users to find your app in the results, your app should be indexed by some keywords. You can order CPI downloads by keyapp.top for faster indexation.

Alternatively, you can do it with keywords as well. Add the relevant search requests to your title and description, and order a small number of installs for them. It could be 10-15 downloads for one keyword per day. As soon as your app gets to the index, you can increase the number of downloads and adapt your strategy.

Some keywords are highly competitive, and they may not work for you. If you use a popular search request like ďvpnĒ in the USA, itíll cost you an arm and a leg to promote it. So, it will be reasonable to promote less competitive search inputs that consist of more words.

Besides, you can buy motivated reviews. They also contain relevant keywords. That will be the best way to get app downloads from organic users and improve your conversion.