Best Virtual Reality Headsets to Buy – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality headsets have been around for years for entertainment. They are traditionally expensive and power hungry. From Oculus rift to HTC Vive pro newer, smarter and far better VR headsets keep coming into play. We understand that with these kinds of fascinating and remarkable headsets on the market, it isnít easy deciding which headset works best for you.

We are here to help you make the right decision and get you the Best VR Headset 2019

For your convenience weíve spent hours searching and testing a number of headsets. Then we put up a list of the best virtual reality headsets to ensure that you get the best kind of virtual reality headsets.



On PC for gamers, specifically those with a dedicated gaming system theyíve been working to better.

Why itís good:

The Oculus rift is the by far the best pick for gamers. This latest VR comes with the inclusion of an enhanced comfortable design with top notch image and audio quality along with the widest array of games. It has a fairly high resolution – 2560 x 1440 LCD. It is designed with inside out tracking meaning the annoying sensors that have to be positioned around your room are no longer needed. Compared to all other VR headsets, this one is the easiest to set up and has the most well-balanced and superior controllers.

Price Ė $399



PlayStation4 and PS4pro

Why itís good:

If youíre looking for awesome VR headsets of the highest quality to go with your PS4 then check out these out of the world headsets with cinematic movements and veristic graphics. The number of pixels in this PSVR is mind-blowing and the HTC contains over three dozen sensors with spatial tracking which makes the room scale features roam more openly. It has elastic velcro straps that wrap around your head and are pretty flexible. Although it is a bit more expensive than the others, its excellent features justify the money with a-plus working quality. The setup is lengthy and complicated but your hard work pays off in the form of the best-looing and highest resolution VR experience. All in all, the HTC Vive is packed full of enhanced features.

Price Ė $499 to $799



Samsung phones

Why itís good:

This VR headset is fairly budget friendly and, if you own a compatible Samsung phone, offers almost the same experience as an Oculus Go. They donít tether to a computer and include controls that track the position and location of your hand. With this stupefying VR, you can unlock some of the best games including Mine craft, Star Wars etc. With these efficient headsets playing games is highly exciting and entertaining. Albeit, a small drawback is that you have to make sure your phone supports these headsets. Also check Best Wireless Neckband Headphones

Price Ė $129



Mobile or PC

Why itís good:

This amazing headset comes with 64 GB storage to help you escape reality and enjoy the world of creativity. It includes a high-resolution display and wireless audio. Its comfortable design is easily accessible and comes at a reasonable price. This headset has a class of it and provide trailblazing features If youíre an avid gamer, this is just the thing for you!

Price Ė $199



Nintendo switch

Why itís good:

Since its release, the Nintendo VR has been a best seller. Its DIY and robust features mixed with bright colors and cardboard materials make it fun and unique. Although its display resolution is slightly less than dedicated VR headsets, it makes it up with its whimsical and fascinating games. With this headset, make your imagination come to life and venture away!Price – $79.99