Top 15 Amazing Blogs That Every Game Fanatic Should Follow

Gaming Industry are seeing its golden period these days with launch of various high-end gaming consoles like Nintendo, Playstation, xBox etc. Everyone is playing games these days and on every platform. If you are a office person, there are chances that you play online games in your empty time.

There are games everywhere whether you are on Facebook, searching on Bing, browsing any site on your Internet browser etc. If you are hardcore gaming fan, there are chances that you play games on your Windows and Mac too. We already compiled a list of Top 15 best PC games of year 2010 and Best games available in Mac App Store.

As you know that buying games is not a easy task, every game looks like awesome to play for. Most of the times, you see the game cover or trailers and decide to buy that game. And that’s where problem starts, after playing for the first time you say “ohh, that game is crap, I should have read some reviews about the game”.

I am a game freak too and always like to be aware of anything new going in the gaming industry. Before buying any new game I read lot of reviews, game plots etc. and if attracts me that only I buy that game. There are many places where you can find the information about games and gaming industry but finding a reliable source is very difficult.

So, in this article, I am coming up with blogs where you can find all the latest news, trailers, game plots about latest games and much more on gaming industry. All mentioned sites below are the most reliable sources.

Have a look on SaveDelete’s compilation of Top 15 amazing blogs that every Game fanatics should follow. Oh yeah, if you are struck at any level in the game, you should check out best game cheat codes websites.

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2.Firing Squad

3.FPS Videogamer


5.Game Life

6.Giant Bomb





11.Pure Nintendo


13.The Escapist


15.WoWGrrls World

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