Best Tips: How to tell your boss that you resign?


In every professionalís life, a situation may arrive when it becomes necessary to resign from his or her job. At such time any employees can feel it hard to tell their boss about their decision of resignation. But it is very essential to convey the news of quitting the job to the employer well before your last working day so that your employer gets sufficient time to recruit another suitable candidate in your place. Actually, it takes some time to hire one candidate and train him so that he can take over our duty without any difficulty. Hence all employers want their employee to inform them about their quitting well before their last working day so that their regular work does not hamper due to your left. But it is mostly seen that the employee does not feel it comfortable to go to their boss and tell him frankly about your decision.

That is the reason why we have come up with some tips which will help you to tell your boss that you are resigning from your post. But still, if you want to see some more samples then you can check it here on Fax Letter Template. The following are some essential tips that you must remember before going to your boss for telling about your resignation:

  • Be prepared to leave: It is very essential to prepare your mind about what you will do if your boss does not want you to leave the job and tells you to stay longer with the company. Sometimes it is seen that the employer offers a hike in salary or raise in position or some other additional benefits in such a situation. So, it is very important that you make up your mind if your boss gives you such an offer.
  • Explain the reason of your leaving: Though it is not mandatory to tell the reason of your leaving still it is better to specify the reason so that your boss can understand your situation and release you from your duty at the earliest. There may be various reasons for which an employee may decide to quit the job, for example, he may need to pursue higher education or migrate from one state to another or for a personal reason or for family problems. No employer can force you to stay back if you have made up your mind but when you give a justified reason for leaving it becomes easy to maintain the relationship during the transition period. But if you are leaving for joining the competitorís company with a better hike in salary or higher position then it is always better not to specify the reason.
  • Thank your boss for giving you the opportunity: No matter whether you like your boss or not it is very important to thank your boss at the time of quitting the job. You must express your gratitude for the opportunity that he had given you in the current job and help you to learn the new skills.
  • Offer help in the transition period: You must specify the date of leaving so that the employer can start recruiting a new candidate in your place. You must say your bossthat you are ready todo any kind of help during the transition period such as to train the new employee who will be recruited to take over your duty. You are certainly the best person to train that new candidate and if you give your time to help the new employee to understand your job and help him to overcome the difficulties then your employer and boss would be of great help.