The Best Templates for Niche Websites

Not that long ago, creating a website was limited to the uber geeks and those who had degrees in computer science. You needed the patience to create with complicated code, unwieldy formats and limited design options. Websites nowadays are not just for big business and the super geeky. Most everyone has some form of online presence, be it social media or a personal website.

Because of this increasing demand, many people are exploring their best options. The problem is, there are so many options its hard to figure out which one is best for your particular needs.

Some formats are easy to use, but limited. Others are virtually limitless, but require deep knowledge and skill in order to work effectively with them. So how do you choose? Here are some of the best templates for niche websites.


Divi is a theme created by Elegant Themes. What it does is divide the website into sections, columns, rows and modules. By dividing the pages this way, it is fairly easy to create and format your website exactly how you want it, with the added power of being able to use many different modules to display. In a module you can have text, photos, sliders (which can be posts, images or video), accordions, code (for things like ads or special effects), shop, audio, buttons and more.

By creating this format, a person who has little skill or desire to manipulate WordPress can easily create an amazing website. Although this theme has a broad range of potential, it can be easily molded into your niche needs.

Vivio Sites

Some professions, like dentistry, want to highlight specific applications and functions of their work. This product specific niche template is great for its target audience, because it understands the needs and caters to them.

As a dentist, you want to spend your energy on growing your business and not on becoming a web design expert. Dental websites typically feature engagement (like reviews), information about what distinguishes a particular dentist, photos of great smiles, easy navigation, patient education (like what toothpaste to use, how to best brush and floss, etc.), contacts and social engagement.

Because of the specific demands of this industry, easy to use templates which accommodate those needs matter more than, perhaps, a product purchase page, or a shopping cart feature. Whats critical, is that all of the important features a dentist needs are available and easy to use.


Some sites are merely storefronts. People want to have the option of selling their goods and services online. In these cases, features that go beyond the storefront are often considered frivolous and unwanted. Sites like Shopify provide domain registration and site templates where within minutes you can upload your product information and begin selling to a global audience.

Shopify makes it easy to set up pricing, shopping carts, product displays and formats it in a way where consumers can easily navigate. It isnt complicated or obtuse.


What Wix does is constantly evolving, but they have managed to develop a workable format that is powerful, diverse and easy to use. As they develop, they are risking their platform becoming too broad, but they have well defined niche templates for sub-industries, where users can easily choose options.

If you want to create a small business website, their themes categories make finding an appropriate layout easy. If you want to become a publisher, they have categories for that too. The key, with Wix, is to know what major category you want to work within. Once youve found that, Wix helps you format and create a beautiful working site that is not only functional, but designed for your needs.


Squarespace is an up and coming major player in the templates world. Their interfaces are easy to use, but they require some learning. They are not as complicated as WordPress, but they are not as simple as Wix or Shopify. They are more versatile than the Wix or Shopify, but not as much as WordPress.

Squarespace templates approach the power and versatility of WordPress and approach the ease of Wix. If your needs are strong in one direction or the other, Squarespace might be the wrong choice. But if you want power with some ease of use, it could hit you right in the sweet spot.

Having a niche site means that you want to get the best template for your specific needs. Some templates cater to your exact industry. Others simply provide the power to do everything you need, but require some skill. Others limit you to a narrow scope. Whichever one you choose, choose wisely, because your website is similar to the facade on your business. It creates an impression. You want your site to leave the impression you want, not what you are restricted to by your technical abilities or the limits of your template.