Best Streaming Sites for Windows

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If you are looking for watch movies, thriller series and much more videos in same websites in your windows PC then you reached the right page. In this article we discussed about the best streaming sites for windows.

What is the usage of streaming sites?

You may hear about the streaming application for Android but some of them want streaming sites for windows PC. It is having the advantage of watching TV shows, English series, Movies in online streaming sites. PC user struggling for installing application to watch such videos and the streaming application consumes more RAM also so, we show you a best streaming site for windows and it will not consume more storage in your PC. There are also many ways to watch Thoptv for PC which is mostly recommend if you’re a windows user. We also suggest you to check out some awesome sites below for more streaming sites online in windows.

Best Streaming Sites for Windows

Here some of the best streaming sites for Windows to watch TV shows, thrilling English series, Movies, etc.

  • YouTube
  • Hulu
  • Amazon prime
  • Netflix

1. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular online streaming sites in all over world. It has a plenty of option to use. Also, you can sync with your google account to use this online streaming site. There you can save your favorite videos in watch later list also you can download the video where you can watch in offline.

It’s allowed users to upload videos, give like and comment to other videos, and subscription to other YouTube channels.


  • Users can make money by uploading videos.
  • Unlimited streaming videos.
  • YouTube allows you to download your favorite videos where, you can play downloaded videos in offline YouTube itself.
  • It has some live TV channels where you can see a live telecast.
  • You can watch the trending videos.


  • It does not have latest English series, and other new release movies which you can’t able to watch.
  • More Annoying Ads.

Cost: Free.

2. Hulu

Hulu is the demanding online streaming platform. It consists of own official content and having a partnership with other popular TV services. It has the option of 2 screens where you can watch videos at same time.

you will see the error message saying “toomanyactivevideos “, When you open more than 1 screen in the basic Hulu plan or 2 screens in the live TV plan.


  • Users can record the live TV for 50 hours by using Hulu cloud storage.
  • Full access to exclusive content.
  • No annoying ads for more pay.
  • Multiple screen facilities.


  • You can’t watch movies and other TV shows in offline.
  • Hulu is available only in selected countries.
  • Ads will disturb when you pay a low-cost plan.


  1. $5.99/month (with 1-month free trial).
  2. $11.99/month (with 1-month free trial).
  3. $44.99/month (with 7 days free trial).

3. Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the biggest platforms for shopping and other stuff. Now it plays an important role for online streaming. Amazon prime offers low cost for the subscription when compared to another streaming sites. Amazon prime videos offers a 30-day free trial by sign in your account.

It offers a television shows and films for purchase and prime video, a selection of Amazon Studios original content.


  • More interesting movies and series.
  • Price is low when compared to other streaming sites.
  • Users can watch videos with high resolution.
  • List of Amazon channels are pretty good.


  • Compare to other top streaming website the content is low.
  • Not Good for Local Retailers.


  1. Join Prime at ?129 per month.
  2. Start a year of prime at ?999.

4. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s leading entertainment services with over above 150 million membership enjoying the unlimited TV series, movies etc. Netflix is available in over 190 countries. Users can watch as much they want anywhere, any time with any internet connection.

Users can watch the videos by playing and resuming at any time. Netflix offers 4 membership plans you can pick your favorite. Your plan will show that what devices you can use, how many people can stream Netflix content at once.


  • It contains plenty of videos to stream.
  • you can view in Standard Definition (SD), High Definition (HD), or Ultra High Definition (UHD).
  • No annoying ads.


  • Price is pretty high.


  • ?799 Per month


The above are best streaming sites for windows. You can watch a different variety of videos like movies, series etc.