Best Stoner Tools

best stoner tools

When partaking in the ganja sesh youíll often see a whole setup of smoking accessories. Some tools are for preparation, others are for organizing your weed or to smoke out of. There are many smoking accessories on the market today and it can be a daunting experience to figure out what tools are best for you. Here is a list of the best stoner tools for bongs to get the vibes right.


One of the most essential tools to have as a stoner is a grinder. There are various types of grinders that are either made of acrylic or metal material. Both get the job done and you can find one like the Dubs Grinder which is fine-toothed, has a kief catcher on the bottom, and convenient safe-opening to easily retrieve your bud.

Rolling Tray

Once your herb is ground up, youíll need something to prepare your ganja on. Rolling trays are excellent tools to keep your bud safely in one place. They provide a flat surface for you to smoothly prepare Mary Jane and often come in cool designs, like the V Syndicate Moonrocks Hybrid metal rolling tray. With a unique design of 420 and 710 in celebration of cannabis holidays, this rolling tray also includes a removable dab mat! Youíll be proud to be the most organized in your friendís group.


Another must-have stoner tool is a kasher! Useful for dozens of things, a kasher attaches to your lighter and can be used to break up your bud in bongs, packing your weed, and more. Kashers are especially useful when needing a precise tool when your fingers just arenít cutting it. Youíll be surprised at how many uses you can find for this tool and it is encouraged to get creative!


One important tool that is often overlooked is storage for your bud, and preferably one that is odor-proof! Storage bags for weed are usually a normal-looking bag and helps with discreetly containing your smoking supplies. Try the Revelry Stowaway Bag for the perfect travel accessory when youíre on the move. If youíre searching around for bags, make sure it is odor-absorbing!

Cleaning Kit

The best stoner is a clean stoner so make sure to clean your bongs! You can find bong cleaners or use a DIY formula you can make at home. Pair that with some pipe cleaners to clean bong and youíll have your smoking accessories spick and span in no time.

Quartz Banger and Dab tools

Bongs are incredible because thereís so much versatility – did you know you can convert your bong into a dab rig? Switch your typical bong bowl for a quartz banger and the best dab tools to get the most out of your concentrates and add a flair of style to your smoke sesh. 

The best stoner tools for bongs consist of the most essential supplies: tools to prep, tools to pack and smoke with, and tools to clean with. These are simple tools that should be added to your stash and youíll always get the most out of your bud!