Best Smart Home Gadgets For A Busy Family In 2019

Smart Home

Having technology in the home in this day and age makes life easier, cheaper, and more exciting all at the same time. When youíve got a big family itís likely that youíre constantly on the go with little or no time to spare each and every day. Thatís where smart home automations come in.

While regular technology has done just fine in making life more convenient in the past, smart gadgets can make life even easier and even free up some time for you and your family in the process. Check out these best smart home gadgets for a busy family in 2019.

Easy maintenance of your home

One thing that takes up lots of time each day is maintenance around the home – a.k.a chores. Pretty much everyone hates the thought of having to come home after a long day and begin reeling off all of the chores that have built up. Luckily, thereís smart tech that can help you with maintenance of your home, so check out these smart home gadgets that could give you more time to enjoy with your family:

  • A robotic vacuum can navigate around your home even when youíre not there, picking up debris on the floor. The great thing about these is that they can detect when theyíre low on battery and head back to the charging station ready to go again.
  • A robotic mop to, of course, follow your vacuum around and clean your floors!
  • A smart dishwasher that can not only detect what kind of load is in there to adjust the cycle accordingly, but it could even give you useful information such as the type of water you have plumbed into your home, and even the weather!
  • Smart irrigation systems save you from having to water your garden everyday. Theyíre smart because they detect the weather conditions and water accordingly, meaning your garden doesnít end up sodden.
  • A smart home cinema projector that can fit even in your pocket. Thatís right, gone were the days when you had to leave for a theatre to get a cinematic feel out of a movie. The time has changed and you can now enjoy your movie in complete 1080p HD version in your home sitting on your couch or lying on your bed with the help of projectors. To make it easier for you, there are smart projectors that can even fit in your pocket as well. Just like Prima Projector. Prima casts a cinema-quality video with a 200-inch projection from a gadget the size of an iPhone. Thin, light, and versatile, Prima is your ultimate multimedia companion in a form of the best portable projector!

Clever lighting and heating solutions

You can also buy gadgets for smart lighting and heating too. But how are they smart? Lights are lights and heating keeps you warm, right?

Picture this. You wake up in the morning and your smart heating system has worked out the time you usually arise each day and already switched it on for you, so youíre getting up in a cosy room. You grab your phone and use a handy app that controls your smart light bulbs and switch them on to a gentle hue that allows you to wake up nicely, rather than abruptly.

Not only can you control your heating and lighting completely remotely, but youíre also able to make some pretty impressive changes too using your mobile app. For example:

  • Hosting a dinner party and you guests are about to arrive? Switch your heating on so your home is nice and warm. The same goes for your lighting. Did you know that smart bulbs can change colour too? Many brands have over 16 million variations of colour, so youíre bound to find the right mood and set an incredible ambience for your evening.
  • Imagine finally getting your children to sleep after a long day and realising that youíve left the lights on in their bedroom. Rather than risking waking your sleeping beauty, simply dim or turn off their bedroom lights using the app on your phone!

A gadget to control all gadgets

You could have all of the smart tech in the world, but without a main control centre are you really making your life easier? Luckily for you, there are such things as a smart home hub. Unlike the rest of the technology in your home, itís wired up directly to your router and commands your smart tech from there.

You can programme your smart home hub (alongside your other devices) to work as a team and make your life almost completely automatic. Imagine this:

The family arrives home after a long day and your smart home hub detects your presence using your smart home security system and the signals on your phone. It then proceeds to turn the lights on as you enter your home, while already be working on heating your home to the perfect temperature. Your smart home hub will also communicate with other smart gadgets in your home to make it so that you simply donít have to!

As you can see, switching to smart technology could greatly benefit your day to day family life! Which one intrigued you the most?

Image Credits: Smart Home from NicoElNino/Shutterstock