The Best Site for Free Premium Quality Music

If you are a blogger, then you most probably have a YouTube channel to market your blogs and content. It is better to create a video of your blog articles as video marketing provides a great return. It not only boosts your online visibility among viewers but also adds another dimension to your blog. In case you are an entrepreneur, you might be looking for a great marketing medium to advertise your product or service. Making product videos help you in presenting your product in a comprehensive fashion allowing you to highlight various features and characteristics in more holistic and detailed way. Even creative agencies use videos for marketing their services.

But when it comes to adding attractiveness, music plays a key role. But getting the right piece of music can be quite a daunting task. Adding original background music brings much-needed quality to your video. Promo videos of good companies and YouTube content of well-known bloggers have great quality background music. But the question arises that where to get original music for videos?

There are many free music download sites available on the internet. But most of them consist of unoriginal work and a limited number of background music. Here comes Taketones.com which mitigate this problem which is one of the best free music download sites. It is the first library of its kind which offers premium quality music. The music is created by professional musicians and composers. High-quality music offered on this website is ideal for blogger, entrepreneurs and even creative agencies.


It has a collection of royalty free great quality original background music which can be used for your video projects. With their years of experience and expertise in working with creative and advertising agencies, composers of Taketones.com have created plenty of high-quality and excellent tracks for YouTube content, promo video and even for corporate purposes. Taketones.com offers their original music to you if you are looking for free music download websites, most of which often contain unoriginal and copied work.

It believes in the philosophy that the right music helps in promoting the video and resonates with the expectation of viewers and customers who watch YouTube videos and promo video content. This website consists of quality compositions only as it aims to provide professional music accessible to everyone who requires it.

Taketone.com specializes in different genres which allows you to choose from a variety of music ranging from upbeat rock, funny kid’s music, powerful cinematic trailers, hip-hop to corporate tracks, to name a few. All of these compositions can easily be synced with the videos. The most important thing is that you don’t have to pay for it. In case you are developing videos for YouTube then you require YouTube copyright music.


When it comes to ease of use, Taketones.com scores high points. All you have to do is listen, choose the track, then register on the website and simply download the music. You don’t require any purchase of a license as all music available is free of cost. If you use their music on your videos then simply put the information about where the music was taken from. This means that just put http://www.taketones.com anywhere in video description or blog post.

If you are sharing your project where you have used their music, on social media websites such as Facebook, YouTube, simply mention “Music: http://www.taketones.com”.

But in case you are using their music offline, then you don’t have to give them credit in case it is causing any difficulty. Their music is free for projects which currently have up to 10 million audiences. You can use their music in any multimedia project or video which has the above-mentioned audience limit of 10 million. These projects can be advertising, video game, blog, background music for any business, etc. One thing we like to point out is that in case your project has an audience which is more than 10 million, then you have to contact them.

Most of the small projects face situation about where to download free music. Taketones.com is a great platform for small platforms too. It is quite helpful for bloggers and entrepreneurs as they don’t wish to spend any money or doesn’t have enough budget, to buy music.

Another thing that we would like to highlight is that if you use their music, you require. You will be provided with a license certificate in the archive of files which are downloaded by you.

Taketones.com offers royalty free music which is different from other royal free music offering website. This means that you get a music license for a video which you upload on your YouTube channel, but you have to pay just once. Royalty free music is free of royalty, but it doesn’t mean that it is free of charge. Royalty free music is also not copyright free. A composer automatically owns the Copyright of a certain music piece composed. Even if the music is free to use for any sort of purpose that only means that you only have the “right to copy”. It doesn’t mean that the music is free of Copyright. Royalty free music is often genuine and amazing which depends on music library policy. The royalty free music websites which have less stringent and bad music library policy generally have awful and poor quality music, but it is not the case every time. If you are looking for good quality background music download, we suggest that you pick website like Taketones.com.


We have gone through various free music download websites which offer great quality music at a significantly lower price and some of the time, free of cost. In case you are looking for royalty free music for your videos to put on your blog or YouTube channel or for making promo videos for your product, then we suggest you go for websites which have a plethora of high-quality music and background score that are composed by professional musicians or composers. Taketones.com is one of such websites which not only provides a wide range of music options but also offers simple way to download high-quality music. You can easily download the music. Just mention the source link that is, http://www.taketones.com, every time you use their music. Still, it is a great platform to find great music which will certainly fulfil your music requirements and help you create videos which perfect music scores.


So, how do you like our review of Taketones.com? In case you have used any other free music or royalty free music download website which offers great quality music, do let us know. Also, let us know your reviews of Taketones.com in the comment section below if you have chosen and downloaded music from this website.