Best Screen Time Tracker Apps For Android

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Screen Time tells you how much time you and your children spend on applications, sites, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With Screen Time applications, you can get to constant reports about how you and your children utilize your iPhone, iPad, iPod contact or Android gadgets, and set cutoff points in the event that you’d prefer to.

Kids appear to get snared on applications that convey pretty much nothing however disappointment. Amazingly, youngsters are going through more than 7 hours per day on their cell phones, this is altogether more than the prescribed solid measure of 2 hours. Furthermore, an excessive amount of screen time has been appeared to influence youngsters’ school execution and regular rest designs. That is the reason controlling screen time is so critical to shielding youngsters’ wellbeing and bliss.

What is the reason that we require these tracking applications that track mobile utilization? There are a great deal of applications accessible to restrain the mobile use. These applications likewise function as an android mobile usage tracker and constrain screen time gives basic observing and the management tools to accomplish a powerful screen time for your youngsters. We have mentioned below some of the applications, have a look!

1. Social Fever

social fever

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This is the best screen time tracker application to follow the time spent on your mobile. Let it be known or not, the principal thing you do after you wake up is to look on your mobile screen to check for warnings or speak with companions. In addition, the whole day, you invest impressive energy checking benefits from internet-based life applications or peruse something. With Social Fever, you can separate between time spent in the genuine and virtual world and effectively track time spent on the mobile. You can likewise set a clock to restrain mobile use. The straightforward and easy to use interface encourages you to keep track of how often you open the mobile and furthermore screens the application use on the mobiles. It gives you straightforward week by week provides details regarding your mobile use. It is a lightweight application and devours a lesser battery.

2. OffTime

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OffTime is an application that causes you to track the time spent on the mobile. It allows you to unplug, center around this present reality. It empowers you to make profiles with which you can square calls, writings, notices. You can likewise confine your application use to restrict your cell phone use. You can likewise send custom content answers when your calls are hindered to keep your friends and family educated. You can get a point by point investigation of the phone use alongside bifurcation of which applications are utilized more. It additionally gives you a warning in the event that you cross as far as possible.

3. My Addictiometer


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My Addictiometer is a phone monitoring application that encourages you to track time on the phone. It is a decent device to check how much time you spent on your cell phone. It causes you to manage versatile compulsion. The information gathered by the application will help comprehend the degree of compulsion. It additionally tells the client the occasions he opens his cell phone. It additionally analyzes on which days in a month you utilized your mobile the most. It additionally shows the all-out time spent on a versatile in one day.

4. SPACE Break Phone Addiction


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SPACE is a mobile checking application that tells you that you are so dependent on your cell phone and apps. The application has a natural and basic interface that assist limit with calling use. With instruments like screen darkening, notice blocker, and SPACE-time, you can oversee and follow the time spent on your phone. You can alter a program dependent on your propensities, needs, and use. It likewise offers you the chance to locate an ideal harmony between the genuine and virtual world. Utilization checking highlight assists concentrate with calling use designs.

5. QualityTime


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QualityTime is a standout amongst other applications that track mobile phone usage without any problem. It offers continuous reports, which show the time spent frowning on your phone. It gives an itemized investigation of all-out utilization, the screen opens and substantially more, with hourly, every day, and week by week reports. It makes device utilization ready which reminds you in the event that you are going a little over the edge with your phone use. With ‘Enjoy A Reprieve’ and ‘Booked Breaks’ element, you can pick to square warnings and reject approaching calls. You can likewise avoid a portion of the callers by placing them into the whitelist contacts. It has a missed notice place for all the calls and cautions that you missed during these breaks.

We have mentioned above all the best screen time tracker apps for Android devices. If you have any suggestions and questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.