Best Safari Extensions for Distraction Free Reading

With the latestMac OSXEl Capitan, the Safari web browser has got some great features. Combining those elements with the best Safari extension canmake your web browsing easy and quick.

No one likes getting diverted while surfing on the web. Yes, I am talking about those unwanted ads and videos that pop up in between and distract us from reading the article.

Thankfully there are ways to avoid this displeasure. You can make your web browsing experience more productive, using thesebest Safari extensions.

By using these extensions with your Safari browser, you will probably thank me for removing all kind of distractions you earlier had. Without further ado, let’s see our best safari extension for a distraction-free reading environment.


best safari extensions

Ads flashing on the screen are irritating. The Safari extension Adblock, block the ads and makes the articles more readable. It blocks not only graphical and text ads but also YouTube videos ads.


Flash animations are one of the worst distractors on the web. Especially when you are reading an article and something moving on the screen catches your attention. They take the form of videos and distract you.
ClickToPlugin extension blocks all multimedia animations and replaces them with placeholders.

There is one more similar extension i.e. ClickToFlash, but it block only Flash animations. So if you see placeholder, you’ll easily get to know which plugin is used.



We all know that we are being tracked while surfing the web. Every website we visit we are being followed. The Incognito protects our privacy. For example, if you are searching for diapers on Google you will not see related diaper ads on Facebook and Twitter. So this safari extension keeps your privacy.

F. B. Purity

This safari extension is for unnecessarily complicated websites. Such as your Facebook page, which shows us very less content that is of our interest.F. B. Purity makes the alteration in your Facebook page view and will show you only the content, which is of your interest.

It removes ads, animations, spams and many more unwanted elements. Many settings are using which you can not only block but also filter text, such as the type of content like cricket news, beauty tips and many more topics that don’t interest you.

Resize Me

Many times while browsing, we open several windows and resize them to manage, which is time-consuming.
Resize Me is one of the many extensions available for quickly resizing the browser windows. An extra toolbar with buttons ( defining the sizes) appears on the screen. Simply by clicking the button you can instantly resize your window.


Generally when we search on web browsers, the text description of the results and few top results with images are displayed. In such case if we are looking for image-based search, it becomes difficult scrutinizing the required links.
Search Preview gives thumbnail preview of results. We can see the image and text, which makes the search easy.


While browsing, we open a different set of tabs for every individual project. So when we want to work on the particular project if the related set of browser windows appear the work can become a lot easier.
Though Safari already has an option that allows us to open all windows from the last session, this extension grant us to save a multiple browsing session with date and time to recall when needed.

Try these best Safari extensions as mentioned above, you’ll surely save much of your time and enjoy browsing.