Top 5 Best Reasons why you should monitor your website


Blogs and websites are now becoming an essential part of both brands as well as business. At present we are in an era of information and technology economy which values finding the relevant information in an ever increasing world of web. To put few things in perspective, the essentiality of web assets consider the two vital facts.

  1. Google will actually penalize any of your search results in case your website is slow as well as produces bad experience to the user.
  2. In a lot of industries, a significant number or at least 90 % of buying decisions essentially start with an online search.

These two important facts highlight the importance of ensuring the website is not only online but also performing well. If you canít be found due to the website being down, you essentially lose customer leads, credibility and sales

You should know the fact that nearly 99% of uptime experiences a sudden breakdown of at least seven hours per month. The more frustrating part is that most of the websites even meet the promised uptime in the most favourable conditions. An online store can essentially lose thousands of dollars in sales over 7 hours of downtime. This is why it is vital to utilize a service that keeps a constant watch on the uptime of the website. Otherwise, there are few chances that your website may come up with some type of downtime issues. There are five essential reasons to monitor your hosting performance as well as manage the website, online store or blog.

1. Protecting the business image.

Whether you are an owner of brick and mortar business or click and mortar business, having a good brand image is important. Hence, you have to protect the brand image consistently. With the audience around the world. The businessís brand image lives or actually dies on the customer satisfaction level. Frequent downtime issues can easily jeopardize the reputation of any only business. Monitoring of the website is the most effective way to prevent any kind of unwanted hazards as well as protecting the image of the business.

2. Keeping customers happy

When we talk about existing and repeat customers, we need to focus on keeping them happy. This also holds true for customers who have a particular subscription to the services or products that they can easily access through the website. There are a plethora of cloud-based software services which require high levels of uptime to make sure that the customers remain happy. However, in the case of any downtime issue which is unresolved for a significant period of time, then chances are that the customers will move to someplace else. The competitors are just a few clicks away, so it is important not to give the customers a reason to leave.

3. Prevention of Loss of Sales

Frequent downtime problems can lead to loss of sales. In a survey conducted back in 2007, Amazon reported an overall profit of over $14 billion. That means $29,000 per minute However, in the June of 2007, Amazon experienced a downtime phase of mere two hours. This led to the loss of whopping $3.48 million. For online stores as well as eCommerce portals it is essential to ensure website uptime.

4. Obtaining best search results ranking

Google doesnít like any type of downtime issues. If a website comes up with consistent downtime issues for more than one day or few days, it can suffer a major setback in the ranking of a website in Google in its search result. The search ranking is affected by downtime as well as the speed of the website.

5. Faster detection of hackers

Even if the website is experiencing downtime for few minutes, it can essentially have huge consequences. One of the most potential reason which leads to downtime is the hackers. If any hacker derails the website uptime and set a few malicious codes, then the website is sure to suffer a kind of setback. However, website monitoring can keep you away from these issues. It informs the webmasters by email or text on a regular interval.

Now, everyone likes something for free, and one such free service is Monitor Cloud.

Top 5 Free Website Monitoring Checks

Mentioned below are 5 website monitoring checks to monitor your website for free which you can easily setup for any website, e-commerce site or blog.

1. Ping Monitor

A Ping Monitor test will essentially decide if your computer is quite able to communicate with another computer over a particular network or not. Upon taking this particular step, if you are finding that you have succeeded in the establishment of network connection, then the ping monitor tests will inform you about the connection latency which exists between the systems. This monitor check essentially sends a ping request to the particular device. However, you will get notified if it fails even to respond. Ping monitoring also checks the connection to the network hosts. By simply making routine pings it actually keeps a watch on network connections and also informs about the identified downtime and uptime. It also provides connection statistics like uptime, failed pings etc. Hrank assists with the complete monitoring of Pings which include reachability and packet loss.

The different results on a particular ping check can essentially differ based on the quality of internet connection or network. An ideal internet connection is the one which leads to ping test latency much lower than 30 ms to 100 ms. On the other hand, in case of satellite internet connection, it usually suffers from latency more than over 500 ms.

2. HTTP Monitor

HTTP is essentially utilized for transferring of data online. It comprises certain rules with the help of which different servers, as well as web browsers, exchange different information.

HTTP is actually defined as Hypertext Transfer Protocol. With the assistance of this type of monitoring check, you will be enabled to keep an eye on if the website is responding properly or not. In case you have an advanced setting by your side, then you also have the provision of filling the right and authentic status codes and also specify if the website is actually using SSL. This particular application assists the developer in observing the HTTP traffic between the computer and the internet. It also assists in observing the hidden communication between the web browser and the server. Hranks provide website monitoring and performing text string check as well as monitoring along with SSL host as well as port monitoring.

3. FTP Monitor

The FTP or File Transfer Protocol actually helps in the transfer of files between two different computers over a network or internet. Putting it simply, you can essentially upload/download data from the server to any computer or vice versa. With the assistance of FTP monitor, you can make sure that it performs at its best of the ability. Hrank provides all the encompassing monitoring of different FTP protocols as well as servers which include the capability to log in as well as server availability along with checking for the availability to read and write files.

4. TCP Port Monitor

TCP Port Monitoring is a vital part of quality monitoring services that is responsible for establishing host-to-host communications. It is referred to as Transmission Control Protocol. It is particularly designed for the transfer of data from one particular network device to the other device. It also takes use of retransmission strategy which ensures that no data is lost. It notifies instantly if the TCP port isnít responding. Hrank provides complete TCP port monitoring and you get notified instantly is the TCP port isnít responding.

5. DNS Server Monitor

By means of DNS server monitoring, the website developer or the host can essentially enhance the performance of the website. DNS automatically translates the online addresses to the numeric machine addresses which are used by the computers. It is a useful step when the name of a particular website is provided in the browserís address bar. This server monitor check makes sure that the server has good uptime and also runs always.

Hrank provides complete monitoring solutions for different DNS protocols, queries and servers. By effectively choosing an efficient DNS server monitor check it can resolve domain names correctly and also improve the website performance. It also helps in identifying the protocol failures as well as network outages. Also, it identifies DNS spoofing and hijacking.


In this world of the website, e-commerce platforms and blogs, it is important to keep them up and running. The uptime essentially helps in the success of them. It is important for the ranking of the website as Google penalizes the websites which have significant downtime at regular intervals.† It is quite important to monitor the website regularly. It affects the brand image, user experience, customers satisfaction and faster detection of hackers.

Hrank actually monitors if the server as well as the website is working smoothly and consistently or not. It doesnít make any difference whether the website is hosted on shared hosting or in some cases, in-house hosting, and one can always start the monitoring of the website without any requirement to install any type of software into the server. The best aspect of this monitoring solution provider is that it doesnít reveal your information to any third party. It offers you immediate email alerts along with a single monitoring location as well as 24/7 monitoring check the interval of 60 seconds. It also makes sure that the server doesnít go offline without properly sending any type of notification. It will never spam the inbox of yours with the different emails regarding the service up gradations. Last but not the least, it wonít showcase any type of advertisements.