Best Real Estate Apps You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

Couple paying for apartment rent

Come to think of it, it was like a meteor dropped from out of the sky and changed life as we know it on the planet. That’s how the pandemic impacted us. Everything went ugly pretty fast.

Jobs were affected; virtually all sectors of the economy were affected. Indeed, it was absolute chaos when the pandemic started. And yes, one of the many drastically affected is real estate. At the onset, real estate agents were facing an uphill climb when the virus hit town. Truth be told, there was a real estate collapse initially at the start of the pandemic.

And those who adapted survived. And as if on cue, the switch to rely on the Internet started. For one, agents made the most of social media. Amidst all the chaos, real estate apps came to the rescue. And why not? Not only do they facilitate buying and selling, but also using them is a cinch. The million-dollar question now is which apps you should rely more upon.

Luckily, your search for the best real estate app need not be a struggle. Call it the benefit of time but the most reliable of these apps have risen to the top. Here’s a line-up from the experts.


This app is known to be the best in the books for many. You’ll love the broad scope of this app. It has a large inventory for properties with over 110 million homes. Imagine that. Also, it has a vast filter list which makes it easy for you to find a property.

One of the intriguing features of this app is the ability to coordinate your search with another person. If, for example, you have a roommate already, you both can search. You can easily tag home features you love and then share them. And when you find one suitable for you, you can begin applying immediately.

The good thing is that you can tour Zillow-owned houses yourself. You don’t need an appointment or an agent to do so. This makes it easy to engage potential landlords. It also allows you to check out the house and see if it suits your taste.


This is the best bet for you if you are looking to buy a property being auctioned. The reason is that they have a comprehensive bid listing. It shows you all you need to know about the property: map locations and photos.

This app also tells you whether you need to pay the property in cash or if it’sfinanceable. For instance, if you plan to tap an FHA loan, this is a good app. With FHA loans that are government-funded, you can get a decent property at low interest. As long as you are a low to middle-income American, this financing option should work even with a not-so-impressive credit score.

Another fascinating thing about this app is that it hasa refinanceand mortgage tool. With this, you can easily calculate the amount you will need to pay.


If you need an app for design inspiration, then this app is spot on. Take note that this app is a one-stop app when it comes to home designs. Here you can take a look at tons of pictures for fixtures and home decor.

The best part of it is that you can shop for all these on the app as well. You will see the list of vendors and their ratings. With this, you can choose which vendor to buy from.

Many lovethis app because it has a massive database. With this app, you will constantly be fed with ideas on making your home look amazing. The design photos on this app are in millions. So you have tons of pictures to choose from.


If you are looking to buy a commercial property, then this is the right place for you. This app is the largest marketplace for commercial properties. There are also listings for spaces for rent. You will also find business properties that are up for sale.

Many are in love with this app because it’s easy to use. Navigating it is a walk in the park, unlike some other real estate apps.You also get to filter the listings by using the advanced search function. Thus making your search easier and faster. To spice things up a bit, they also have tips on real estate investment and resources to help you when it comes to real estate. This app is indeed a total package. That’s telling you your year ahead should be looking pretty good.