Best Racing Suits of 2022

Racing Suits

In Formula 1 racing the safety standards are so high that their suits are made from the same materials used by NASA! This is because they need to be able to withstand incredible G-Forces and temperatures.

Since racing began, the safety of the guy in the chair has become more and more important. We can’t, however, just put them in suits of armor with no regard for comfort, as races can sometimes last several hours.

Choosing the best racing suits for your drivers can help improve their performance. They’ll be able to focus on their task much more if they’re sitting in comfort. Moreover, the added security of a protective suit can ease tensions, as well as keep you compliant with certain leagues’ rules.

If you need help picking out your team’s racing suit for the 2022 season, keep reading!

RaceQuip 110 Racing Suit

The RaceQuip 110 series racing suits are made from a single layer of Pyrovatex materials. Pyrovatex is a special, lightweight material that’s as breathable as cotton, is innately flame retardant, and is durable. Pyrovatex is also very gentle on skin and wicks away moisture to keep the driver comfortable even when they start to sweat.

The high-quality brass zipper is covered by a double folded overlap so the suit has added protection in the front. It also has arm and leg cuffs for fire protection, and an adjustable belt to help it fit securely and as comfortably as the driver needs it to be. This suit has great value for its price because it combines fire resistance, comfort, and durability.

One drawback of these suits is that their fire-resistance rating is SFI 3.2A/1, with a thermal protective performance (TPP) score of 11. This means that the driver will only have 5.5 seconds to escape a serious fire before incurring second-degree burns.

A suit’s TPP rating number is generally twice the number of seconds the wearer has to escape a severe heat source before burning badly. Some leagues require racing apparel with SFI 3.2A/5 (TTP 20) or higher. Be sure to look up the required specs in your league’s manual before making this purchase.

K1 Race Gear Victory Suit

The ultra-mobile and ultra-breathable K1 racing suit was designed to be strong, functional, and lightweight. This is a single-layer suit that’s easy to get into and comfortable to wear while seated or standing. Part of the design offers extra back support while a driver is sitting down.

K1 made sure that their suit would be able to protect the wearer in dangerous situations as well. They made the suit from Proban Flame-Retardant Cotton with an SFI 3.2A/1 (TPP 10) fire-resistance rating. The Victory’s exterior is also treated with Hydro Oleo, a sealant that allows the fabric to breathe while blocking fluids.

K1 also prides itself in a racer’s style. The manufacturer will customize the suit for you at no extra cost past the stock retail price.

G-Force 525 Racing Suit

G-Force’s GF 4525 Racing suits are G Force’s new entry to the multi-layer suit line market. These multi-layered suits offer a good amount of comfort as well as industry-standard fire protection.

The outer layer of the suit is very resistant to heat sources. This suit has a TPP rating of 21 (SFI 3.2A/5), which is the common prerequisite for professional racing.

The inner layer of the GF 525 is made of Pyrovatex, which keeps its occupant dry and comfortable. The shoulder-to-arm junctions are also designed to give the driver a full range of motion, preventing the suit from getting in the way during the race.

These suits come in black, blue, or red with a gloss finish. They also have straight epaulets on the shoulders which allows the wearer to display the brands of sponsors easily and visibly.

K1 Race Gear GT Nomex Suit

For racers in the professional auto scene, K1 has the GT Nomex suit. This is a comfortable 2-layer suit with great fire-resistance properties and is very light for its design.

The GT Nomex suit has knitted shoulder gussets that allow for ventilation and a full range of motion. The inner layer is comfortable on the skin and absorbent enough to keep the driver dry for the whole race. The arm and ankle cuffs are soft, and the Nomex suit also has the same back support as K1’s Victory suit to keep the driver’s back comfortable.

The GT Nomex’s outer layer has a TPP score of 25.5, which is well above SFI’s requirements for professional leagues.

These suits only come in orange, but K1 will still customize the fit to the driver at no extra cost.

OMP Tecnica Evo Suit

The OMP Tecnica Evo racing suit is the ultimate suit for professional racing teams. It’s also the most expensive suit on our list, but if you’re looking for a stylish and well-made racing suit, this is it.

The OMP is made from three layers of high-grade materials. The innermost layer is soft knitted from a lightweight and breathable material. The Tecnica suit features OMP’s Dry System 3D which guarantees breathability and fire protection.

The outer layer also has an SFI 3.2A/5 rating, with a TPP score of 26. OMP drew from their experience making F1 racing suits to make this comfortable suit as fireproof as possible.

The Tecnica Evo race suit features a retractable elastic belt, flat anti-rubbing seams, and a shaped collar. These features provide full mobility of the arms, legs, and neck for the race driver. It’s also a light suit despite the number of layers and features.

Invest in Your Teams Safety and Performance

When selecting racing suits for your drivers, you have the task of balancing four elements: league standards, comfort, safety, and style. Your driver will be able to perform at their best if they’re doing their job in comfort but remember also to consider their safety when making your choice. Investing in good quality and durable suits for your team is never a waste of money.

Top-quality apparel is not the only improvement you can bring into your sporting career. Are you curious about the accuracy of fitness trackers or how to manage your team’s budget? Check out our website for these informative articles and much more.