Best Practices for Printing a Business Brochure

A brochure is a simple, yet effective way of advertising your services, products or other information about your business to potential clients.

However, the process of making a business brochure can be anything but simple if you haven’t got the right technology or knowledge to do so.

Therefore, if you are making the decision to expand your business through the use of print media, it’s worth doing some research into how to make your brochure the best it can be.

Looking into the perfect design choices that go into creating an effective brochure could drive you to distraction, as there is an incredible amount of conflicting information available online.

To make this process far less daunting, here’s a guide to the main points worth considering when you want to impress with your print-outs:

Choose the right printer

One of the best moves to make when considering a business brochure is how you’re going to print your material.

Avoid exhausting your consumables by using large format printing methods, or consider investing in an Epson printer which can create top quality booklets.

Combining super-fast speeds with vibrant, professional-quality printouts, the Epson WorkForce AL-C500DN is a great choice.

This printer is ideal for an office which requires both a high volume of printed documentation as well as more specialised, high-clarity prints.

Know your audience

Glossy and fancy brochures are sure to impress certain audiences, such as those in the photography business or a travel agency whose customers are attracted to vivid imagery.

However, in other areas it may be worth focusing more closely on the content of the brochure, to deliver any message you need to get across.

Different printers will be able to handle both of these demands. You should ensure the printer you choose is well-suited to producing sharp text at high speeds.

Considering your audiences preferences and using this to inform your printer choice and style of brochure creation will yield the best possible results.

Know your budget

If commercial printing is going to be a frequent expense to your business, consider Epson printers for their cost-effective, superior output.

Original Epson Toner cartridges have been developed by the manufacturer to work in perfect harmony with their printers, so that you can achieve excellent results without any fuss.

Epson invest in their research and high-tech manufacturing systems, and they always put their products through extensive testing to ensure they produce consistent, quality prints.

This means that you will get a device that can stand the test of time and produce superior brochures at a high volume, without experiencing any difficulties.

Investing in an Epson printer of this standard will reduce the risk of you needing to spend any budget on repairs or replacements further down the line.

Use branded consumables

Using third party toner can leave you with faded text or images, not to mention printer malfunctions and even an invalidated warranty.

It is recommended that you always use genuine manufacturer cartridges with your branded printer, as this will help you to achieve the best possible prints, keep your device in warranty and in tip-top shape.

Quality design

Try to avoid using software extensions such as Clipart if you want a stylish look in your business brochure.

Platforms like Adobe InDesign or Photoshop are much more impressive for this purpose, and will deliver a high quality, professional product.

While it may take a little longer to produce your brochure this way, your audience will easily be able to tell the difference between a rushed product and one which has taken time and effort to create.

Final checks before printing

Don’t spend hundreds of pounds on paper and toner, then forget to proofread for simple errors.

Double-checking your brochure and getting someone else to do the same, to make sure that you are 100% happy before printing, will save you money on otherwise wasted consumables.

As you can see, printing the perfect business brochure does not have to be a strenuous task, and following these simple steps will ensure that it is one that produces excellent results.

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