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For some converting a video file to another format cannot be as difficult as editing the video but the task can put few of the people off for the reason that it’s not easy to find a right kind of software that does the task perfectly. There are many different video formats, and you need to switch the formats according to the demand of the project. This is where the online video converter comes in handy. Unlike the photographs that are predominantly found in the JPEG format, videos donít have a common standard format.

There are varieties of formats, and different platforms/devices support the different format. Choosing the right online video converter is not simple- as few are packed with ads and pop-ups which is highly distracting, and a few have file size limit beyond which the conversion is not allowed.converter

There are certain conditions where you need to convert the format of your video file like:

  1. When your device is unable to open a media file or when it doesnít recognize the file type.
  2. When the file plays on your device with either sound distortions and without any sound, the reason can be anything like a too large file or incorrect audio codec.
  3. When you need to upload the video file online, and it only supports a particular format. If you don’t know the technicalities of the web compatible formats, then you need a reliable online tool to convert the format of your video file.

Among all the available online video converter tools, Convertio is one of the best browser based converters that can transform any video into any format Ė all within an attractive, easy to use and Advertisement minimalist interface.

How to convert a file with Convertio?

  • Converting the file format with Convertio is very easy. You can upload the video files from Desktop, Dropbox, Google Drive and also directly from the URL.
  • Once you have uploaded the file, you can easily select from many available formats. On clicking the convert button, the tool will start its conversion.
  • When the conversion is complete, your file will be ready to download in its new format.converter

Convertio is the best online tool that can convert the video file into any popular format like MP4, MOD, WEBM, and WMV along with many more. The online file converter can also change format of audio files, images, documents, archives, presentations, fonts and EBooks. Conversion options are fantastic in Convertio. Not only it allows its users to change the format of the video file, but it also allows them to use other options like crop video, cut video, adjust video and rotate the video.

While trying the tool, you will find that the files are processed quickly, and it also manages to handle the multiple video files at once. It has everything that a video converter should have. The best thing is that it is very easy to use and has a simple interface.converter

One needs to be cautious of using the online tools as they require firstly uploading the file on the server to convert the video file into the desired format. A reliable tool will reduce the risk of downloading the virus and Trojans on the computer. The Convertio is highly reliable online tool using which you can ensure that you will get a high-quality conversion without any fear of malware and virus attack.

Another important thing to look for when using an online converter is privacy. If the file you are working on is sensitive and holds private information, you should always use a tool which doesnít store, backup or retain the files on its server. Convertio is the best converter if privacy is paramount for you.

The tool allows concurrent conversions which is a great feature because itís a huge pain to upload files to a converter one at a time. .

Image Credits: video converter from Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock