Best Mobile Ebook Manager

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Are you looking for a way to manage all of your ebooks while you are on the go?

Today weíre going to review Calibre Companion.

We have read the raving reviews and itís time we got our hands on their product to see if itís everything we expected.

Calibre Companion is an app that is specifically a utility app for Calibre. Itís important you know what Calibre is before diving into this article.

Calibre is an open source desktop ebook library management software. Many people who use it are interested in defending against annoying DRM from large companies or simply keeping a large library organized and synced with your other devices.

Enter Calibre Companion

Calibre Companion allows you to connect directly to your Calibre library and easily stay in sync with your library no matter how big it is.

Once we got to the download page in the app store. We were pleased to see all of the raving reviews from supporters. This was very reassuring when going through the download experience.

We downloaded both the Iphone and the Android version of the app.  We set both of them apps up and made sure to test them thoroughly.

The onboarding process of Calibre Companion was pretty easy.

This process took about 2 minutes. We decided to connect directly to our Calibre library content server.  We simply pushed connect and connect to content server. It immediately pulled up our whole library. We then clicked a book to see what it was like for a normal user.  I was a little bit disappointed that the app did not contain an actual reader but I was excited to find out about all of the other apps out there that could quickly and easily read the books that I could pull from Calibre Companion.

Using the application can be a little bit tricky at first because of the learning curve. Once you get the hang of it you will wonder why you were never doing this before.

The next step we moved onto was to set up the cloud version. We decided to go with microsoft one drive. We then setup the Calibre library folders location to be in our one drive and boom it was perfect. All of our books were now in the cloud and I always had access to them.  I like to travel a lot so this was perfect.

Another feature that I thoroughly enjoyed was the ability to send it to my kindle paperwhite. Iím not a big fan of reading directly on my mobile screen. This was super easy. Kindle has a feature that allows you to send directly to your kindles email address located on your Amazon account.

We had a question about how to get this to work so we reached out to the mobile read forum. The owners promptly responded with how to solve any issue we were having.


Calibre Companion satisfied all of our expectations.  This is the best app that we have found for managing ebooks on your mobile phone.