Best ISPs in Chennai – A Detailed Comparison

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Its been a decade now since India started witnessing a remarkable growth in its internet consumption. The paradigm shift of internet from a luxury to a necessity is phenomenal, and its infiltration at the hyperlocal level across everything we do is something worth talking about! The advent of the internet is leading the way for the products and services across every domain imaginable. With the growth, the consumption of internet is also increasing. In 2017, some 373 million Indians were using the internet, and the number is expected to rise to 821 million by 2021 as per Ciscos Virtual Networking Index.

Since virtually everything works on the internet now, its important to consider who provides you internet access as it can make a considerable difference to your internet experience. An Internet Service Provider (shortened as ISP) is an entity that provides its services for internet access. Today, there are a growing number of internet service providers across the country with different offerings, and many of them have their base here in Chennai. When comparing ISPs, it is necessary to take into account various parameters such as:

  1. Internet Speed

Internet Speed is the first parameter most people use before getting an internet connection. And not just any speed, but download speed. Most of us ignore the fact that upload speed is equally important for reasons innumerable. The most common catch with internet speed is that most ISPs advertise their plans with subtle use of the term, up to. You will get speed of up to x Mbps and so on. The speed advertised are never committed. However, some internet providers in Chennai like ACT Fibernet do deliver the speed they advertise, without any up to clause and you get the speed as mentioned in your plan. They also provide symmetrical speed, i.e., equal download and upload speed.

  1. Broadband Data

Broadband data is the amount of data an ISP provides you monthly. It is one of the decisive factors when buying an internet connection so much that people often overlook the speed for an unlimited plan. However, unlimited data is always backed up by poor speed which leaves a bitter experience because the websites will take forever to load, the buffering will go on even after you have finished your dinner. In the superficial world of unlimited data plans that nobody really uses, it is essential to consider if the amount of data provided can be used with the speed offered. Technically, if you stream Netflix or YouTube, browse social media websites, and connect up to 5-7 devices you will never run out of data unless the ISP provides you with the unrealistic amount of data.

  1. Technology

Your internet plan speed will largely depend on the technology infrastructure your ISP uses. Today, the best technology to look out for is FTTH, especially if you are looking for internet providers in Chennai. ACT Fibernet is known for providing internet over fiber optics through their Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technology that can handle speed of up to 1000 Mbps. Choosing an internet service provider with state-of-the-art infrastructure makes your internet connection future proof.

  1. Value Added Services

The current digital space is flooded with numerous entertainment options. People are subscribing to various services such as music and video streaming. However, some ISPs provide the best subscription services with their internet connection. ACT Fibernet, for instance, provides VAS like Hungama, YuppTV, HOOQ, ALTBalaji, FastFilmz to get your weekend entertainment sorted.

  1. Value for Money

In a country driven by value, your internet service provider must also satisfy this parameter. There are so many ISPs that promise all the bells and whistles to the customers, but on the D-day, none of them is actually valuable, and by the time one disconnects the service, they have paid too much without getting any value.

Most popular Internet Service Providers in Chennai

ACT Fibernet Hathway Airtel
Internet Speed 30 Mbps to 200 Mbps 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps Up to 100 mbps
Broadband Data 80 GB 1400 GB 1000 GB 200 GB 700 GB
Technology FTTH (Fiber-to-the-home) Fiber Broadband Broadband
Value Added Services Hungama, YuppTV, HOOQ, ALTBalaji, FastFilmz None Amazon Prime

Choosing a new internet connection can be a daunting task with so many ISPs out there. However, compare them neck-to-neck and research on the internet thoroughly before blindly opting for one. One more parameter you can consider is the downtime. However, you wont find raw data about it, but you can visit numerous forums and websites to check out the reviews for all internet providers in Chennai. Some providers have resurfaced themselves and are consistently doing better. It is time to make an informed decision and get an internet connection that is technologically advanced and is value for your money.